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Shrek the Third: a loose collection of gags, some amusing, kicked into a semblance of zombie movement by a weak, wandering and featureless plot. This is an "animated" film, a corpse temporarily brought to pseudo-life by dodgy voodoo: deriving pleasure from it feels necrophiliac. Also, perhaps I've been over-exposed to medieval romance, but it seemed to me a tragic and gratuitous waste of a potential Arthur/hidden heir story. Roll on Ratatouille.

Bizarrely enough, I rather liked Justin Timberlake. Someone kill me now.

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He wasnt bad in Alpha Dog. He does have a glimmer of acting talent.

Pity about Shrek 3. At least Harry Potter 5 should also be out generally soon.
Saw the trailer big-screen for the first time - it looks very good, appropriately dark. Although in more ways than one - that particular cinema seems to show a lot of films with insufficient light. Very annoying.
I was most disappointed with Shrek. I really think that these guys need to come up with new stories instead of flogging the old ones just because number 1 was the biggest box office hit since LOTR. Where did you watch it though, as i went to Cavendish (aka 9th level of hell) and i felt that the colour was very wash out is the best way to describe it. Shrek is supposed to be green not a off olive grey colour. I ask only because either i should have asked for a refund or i need to get my eyes checked.
Cavendish 3, in particular, always seems dark. The last Harry Potter there was pretty much shrouded in gloom. Weird feeling when the DVD version is better in visual quality than the cinema...