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last night I nearly died

My Cherished Institution is currently driving me batshit insane by insisting that my curriculum advice times are spent across in the faculty office instead of my own comfy room. The faculty space is devoid of tea, telephone or internet and full of random junk; I seem to be seeing exactly as many students there as I would in my own office. I am Not Amused, and am muttering my way darkly towards rebellion.

On the upside, ooo, er! Buying presents for w-n put me incautiously in the giant Musica store in the waterfront, where, in first_fallen's characteristic phrase, I tripped, fell and accidentally bought Duke Special's "Songs from the Deep Forest". While pressing all my catchy-tune buttons, his music is also pleasingly full of vaudeville-influenced piano, soaring melodies and off-beat lyrics. Happy-making stuff.

Last Night I Dreamed: a huge space opera involving the translocation of the entire human race over 17 light years to escape a threatening evil which manifested in the form of a batshit-insane young lady who breathed black tentacles of evil gas. We woke up at the other end of the translocation to find that (a) this area of space was already occupied by futuristic humans who were fortunately sympathetic and welcoming, and (b) the young lady had followed us. We all escaped via giant curving escalators while she breathed black tentacles all over the enormous futuristic banqueting hall.

The night before I dreamed a rather strange visit to the huge, expensive family home of a role-playing friend I haven't seen for a dozen years, a deserted mansion partially underground and dominated even in her absence by his terrifying mother. Later it became the venue for a wedding, that of a military hero of considerable reputation and his long-term romance from whom he had been continually divided by circumstances and misunderstandings. Immediately afterwards they both went out on a mission which succeeded in capturing some of the mechanisms of the alien enemy - a flock of surveillance bats and a couple of strange green dog-like creatures who were combat scouts of some kind. One of the bat-things got a message to the enemy about the team's whereabouts at the same time that the dog-creature, which was being dissected, came alive again. The whole team, including the recently-married coupled, was killed. I woke up feeling all sad.

Why the hell do I dream epic, tragic, science-fictional romances? I'd settle for funny little men with cheese. Honestly.

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Keep Eating Cheese Just Before Bedtime
I'm recording all your dreams as ideas for my upcoming epic, tragic, universe-spanning science-fiction saga. Funny little men with cheese don't sell books. ;-)

Re: Keep Eating Cheese Just Before Bedtime
Funny little men with cheese worked just fine for Joss. Also, hands off my weird dreams until I have a chance to write my own epic, tragic, universe-spanning science fiction saga! Pshaw!
Re: Keep Eating Cheese Just Before Bedtime
I would be somewhere near the front of the queue to read any and all "epic, tragic, universe-spanning science fiction sagas" you might care to write.

I would even go so far as to buy and own copies and not even download them from the internet...and that is a promise!
You are overusing the phrase "batshit insane". I suggest you substitute "bugfuck insane", "crazed loon", "frothing like a rabid weasel", "nutty as a fruitcake", "as mad as a box of frogs", "As mad as a cut snake" etc. as needed.
Hey! That wasn't overuse, that was deliberate repetition for purposes of idea-linkage and resonance. I'm trying to subtly suggest that in the reality/dream relationship I'm my own worst enemy.

Good idiom list, though. I'd add "a few sandwiches short of a picnic" and its ilk.
I now apparently read "flock" as "f-lock" automatically. *glares at LJ*