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dispatches from the fainting couch

At home today and tomorrow, owing to my Nice Doctor deciding that if I didn't get some rest, this current combination of sinus infection and glandular resurgence would Turn Nasty. I nearly bit several students yesterday, so I think she has a point. It's actually incredibly wearing, having the kind of job where you are called on to give advice at intervals throughout the day, and it becomes impossible if, as at present, you have a bunch of admin work which really needs concentrated burst of effort, preferably without interruptions, and are also permanently exhausted.

At least at home the only serious interruption, other than the nice cleaning lady whirlwinding through my study with buckets, is the cat sitting on my mouse, which she does with every evidence of smug self-satisfaction.

Alias update: Vaughn Not Dead. I knew it. I am even more charmed by the last episode's provision of two burly, slightly dour and sinister-looking agents who are highly trained in combat, explosives detection, intrusion countermeasures, perimeter security and infant educational development, enabling them to babysit Sidney's daughter while Sidney's off agenting. One of the amazing pleasures of the frequent silliness that is Alias is how much of it is actually tongue-in-cheek.
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All your mentions of Alias makes me want to go out and watch the series end-to-end. :-)

Re: Anti-aliasing
So, what's stopping you? As guilty pleasures go, it's pretty high on the list ;>. You just have to suspend disbelief, probably from a high-tech harness at the top of a building in Prague in the middle of the night, just before the rocket launcher attack on the night club.
Stay off sick until you are really truly well. Cos by then you'll have such a backlog of Admin work you'll need to be fit to tackle it.

What a distinguished looking cat. Entirely deterred me from doing a LOLcats caption.

Ok, not entirely. Iz a maws. Of corse I haz it!
Appropriately enough, LOL! Such things definitely cheer my lurgified days.

I will have to go back tomorrow, there are deadlines which won't wait. But it'll be after the end of term, so hopefully the millyuns of student incursions won't be so much a feature.