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Celebrated my apparent return to something vaguely resembling actual health (yay antibiotics!) by taking myself off to see the new Star Trek this morning. Um.

See, this film has generated a lot of buzz, and various trekkoids of varying degrees of frothing fandom have been fairly positive about it, and said it feels like Star Trek. Only problem is ... (deep breath, braces self) ... I disagree. I really didn't like it, and didn't think it felt like Star Trek at all. Which is a dicey position to take because, while I have an undying devotion to the unrealistic fizz of Alias and JJ Abrams in general, I haven't watched a hell of a lot of Star Trek in the first place, so what do I know? I know what impressions I have of it; more generally, I know what I like, sf wise. This wasn't it.

Things I liked about Star Trek:
  • The cast. I thought they were largely well cast and somewhat endearing, and worked well as young hot-shots. I particularly went for Bones, and I thought Spock pulled it off. Not enough Simon Pegg, though.
  • Um, not much else, actually.
Things I didn't like about Star Trek:
  • It was loud, scrappy, confused, over-busy and visually disorienting. My sense of the series has always been a kind of stripped-down essentialism - it had a moral and narrative clarity which this film simply lacked.
  • The spaceships. Not a single moment of "ooooh, cool!", which is what I watch space opera for.
  • The plot. It covered too much area with too little in the way of rationalisation, leaving gigantic holes all over the show. Too much time travel, transporter hopping, poor reasons for doing stuff, cadets mysteriously in charge, bad characterisation.
  • The "science". Bleah. Typical JJ, in fact - giant red balls of mysterious stuff which have actual effect on anything only when the narrative actually demands it.
  • Chekov's Russian accent - kept doing a Souf Effrican vowel-flattening thing, very distracting.
Overall, not an actively unpleasant way to spend a couple of hours, but really not Star Trek. Sorry.
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I enjoyed star trek.
Before I saw it I heard 2 opinions:
1) "It sucks, it's sort-of star trek but mainstream, not for trekkies"
2) "It was really good, like star trek but a real film"

Make of that what you will.
PS: See you next week?
Yes, I'm a bit miffed because I expected to enjoy it a lot more than I did. I'm usually very forgiving of plot holes and bad science if it's a fun film, but it clearly wasn't fun enough to suspend my disbelief. Sigh. I'll have to see what the Wolverine movie does to me.

Had forgotten you were incoming! yes, must definitely get together. Let me know your time frames and free evenings etc.
The Wolverine director was an interesting choice...come along way from his days on "the Game". I was wondering if perhaps Mr Hood might take himself a little too seriously...but I had enjoyed Rendition and so wasn't going to hold his "serious" nature against him.

I thought he did really well with Wolverine (but then I suppose I had low expectations after the last X-men film) got to see it just for this time lapse thingamy that he did at the begining which.... was awesome!
An ally!
Hooray, I thought I was the only person in the whole world who didn't like it :P.

I agree with you all all points except two:
- too much Simon Pegg, imho. I'm not that fond of him.
- the Romulan spaceship was awesome, all spiky and evil. Also Spock's little bubble-thing was really cute.

It was a good SF movie, but it was ST. Ppl are all like "well, it was an excellent reboot of ST" and therein lies my problem: I don't think ST needed to be rebooted. They should've let well enough alone. The only reason they're "rebooting" it is to rake in more bajillions of dollars off a very popular franchise. If they'd wanted to reboot it they should've chosen a cast post-Voyager and completely new characters, not taken stock well-loved characters and then split the timelines to be able to fuck the canon (cannon?) in the ass. (Although, I'm looking forward to the new Sherlock Holmes and Phleep pointed out that it does the same thing with the SH canon, paints a completely different picture of the character and some fans might feel the same way about that that I do about ST. He's wrong, obv, RDJr can do no wrong.)

I should've written a blog post about it, I was really saddened by it (I also expected to enjoy it more) and I felt depro for days but my posts about things I don't like tend to turn into rants so I thought I'd wait for someone with better critical review skills to post about it and then just comment with agreement :P.
Re: An ally!
I dunno, the Romulan spaceship was OK, and the spinny-wheel Spockmobile was quite cute, but neither of them made me go "Wow!" like, for example, the spaceships in Babylon 5 do. They both seemed a bit ... done. Pedestrian. Nothing new.

I am enough of a ST heretic to think that the series could use a reboot, that some of its sensibilities are rather outdated, but by JJ Abrams? Hell no, babe. This was a confused mess. At times a confused mess with a hot cast, but still confused. (You could, though, convert me to the No Reboot Way by, for example, lending me Next Generation to watch in its entirety, thus improving my tragic lack of education...)

I, too, am looking forward to the new Sherlock Holmes, while confidently expect it to outrage the canon sideways in all directions. I'm with you, it's RDJ, he can do what he damned well likes :>.
Re: An ally!
You are then third in line to borrow TNG, after the Sad and Andcara. Although the Pirate Lord Sadler will most likely rip it to AVI or something, so might be more widely available soon.
Watched Wolverine this week--not brilliant, but lots of fun. And Hugh does a good job. Also, yum.

Don't think I'll bother with ST. I thought of you when I saw the Sherlock Holmes movie trailer, as in "Ooooo, this could have been made especially for extemporanea!" :-)

Aargh! I hope you're not avoiding ST just because I'm all disgruntled about it? I am widely known to be entirely bloody-minded in my movie responses and quite possibly didn't like it just because everyone else did. (Stv's theory: I like the movies I shouldn't like, and vice versa.)

Sherlock Holmes is going to horrify me utterly from a canon point of view, I can tell you right now, but I don't propose to let that stop me from enjoying it enormously :>.
I liked it. Was just mentally comparing it to "ST:Contact", which in retrospect was shite. Let's not even mention "ST:Insurrection".

I think the diff between first-fallen and me is what Trek we rate highest. I'm an Original Series boy, and less about the Next Gen love. I hate Jean-Luc Picard AND Sisko and can't stand Voyager ('cept 7-of-9), and I came in on the other side in the B5/DS:9 wars, so this had more of the stuff that appealed to me (Kirk-slash-Spock-slash-Uhura, for one thing. Miniskirts. Dead Redshirts.), much less of the stuff that didn't appeal (the fucking Borg, the stupid Prime Directive, instant reset buttons, Treknobabble, Pinocchio-in-space) & the bravery to blow up canon places willy-nilly. I thought even the time-travel plot was very well-handled. A one-way trip with consequences rather than the usual Trek zipping-round-the-timestreams.

The science was laughable, but then it usually is when it comes to black holes in movies. Don't get me started on the magic laser drill. But like I said, there was very little babble. Loved that.

I really found myself liking Kirk. Cocky, yes, but somehow I bought into it. Spock was good, the other crew were uniformly well-done.

But mostly, it was about the Enterprise for me. That was a real ship of war and/or science, not a luxury cruise liner. Loved it.

Also loved the Romulan vessel, though it did remind me an awful lot of Banks' Affront. "Kiss the Blade" would be an appropriate name for it.