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the thoroughbred of sin

You know, there might be a zeppelin in the garage and elephant catapults on the roof, and he still cannot master the complex topographical processes of loading the dishwasher, but I still have a damn fine Evil Landlord. Apart from his cheerful acceptance of lawful-good-tenants-in-law occupying the house for months at a time, the fact that he keeps the chocolate jar continuously filled and his uncomplaining situation of the internet connection in my study rather than his, he is also a Lesser Demon of Carpentry of notable unselfishness. I worked out the other day, of the approximately three hundred miles of fitted bookshelves he's installed in the house, at least 200 miles of them are for my benefit. Memo to self, must put my rent up again.

The new plan is to wildly build a 1m-extension onto the main bathroom so he can fit in a proper shower; when I jokingly suggested that he should do the same to my study (the extension, not the shower), he said "Good idea!" with some enthusiasm, and is proceeding to double the building costs by doing exactly that, recking not my guilty expostulations about not being serious. I am forced to conclude that, unless he's doing all this for a new, improved Seekrit Tenant he's planning on installing, he's probably not going to throw me out into the snow any time soon. On the downside, the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Army of Reconstruction is scheduled for the end of next month, producing the alarming side-effect that the EL will have to use my bathroom for the duration, and it's un-separated from my bedroom by any vestige of door.

His most recent project has been the construction of a new cabinet thingy to house the television, sound system and my ever-burgeoning DVD collection, which has seriously outgrown its bookshelf. The last few months have been notable for the EL vanishing into the garage at frequent intervals, therefrom to produce sound effects of sawing, sanding, hammering and faint thuds I think must be the result of bumping into things while high on varnish fumes. We moved the cabinet into the living room on Sunday, thereby completely reconfiguring the living room and making me very happy (I love rearranging furniture, it's like taking a holiday). It's a damned fine cabinet. Viz:

I draw your attention in particular to the four-panel cat portrait effect on top of the cabinet. This photo is important for origamitiger to see, since she hasn't yet witnessed the fate of the beautiful cat-photos she sent me (two out of the four, the Ounce and Golux ones), and she needs cheering up.

In other, completely random news, "enjoyed a mild success in Purgatory" is my new, favourite catch phrase. Courtesy of Pajiba. Even more randomly, Purgatorial movie notwithstanding, isn't it nice to see Sidney's BF get some famelove? He's cute in a kinda goofy way.
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Possibly, but as I recollect it was you who printed them out and sent them to me, so gratitude! the foursome of photos in those frames make me very, very happy.
a. That cabinet is fab!

b. He is a crazy man, but in a good way, viz. extending your study.

c. I might have just used viz. incorrectly. :-)

d. His laurel has carefully instructed him to send her a photo of said cabinet. He is probably going to try and weasel out of that by saying I must have seen it since I read your blog. :-P

e. I remember your "growing pains" with the garage, and I'm sure you're overjoyed that you'll get to do THAT part of remodeling again! When you're done with this, will there be any garden left in the back, or will you be right up against the wall?
Yup, will still be a good couple of metres of clearance between the house and the wall. Enough for the washing line, I hope, otherwise washdays are going to get seriously interesting.

He can't tell you to read my blog, he doesn't read my blog so won't know I've posted it. I am, in fact, saying nice things about my Evil Landlord behind his back.
You have also just caused me to look up "viz." on Wikipedia. You have used it in its generally accepted sense, viz. to offer more detail on a statement, so it equates to "namely". This is the sense in which I always use it, although never without being involuntarily reminded of grotty British boy-humour comics. The Latin means something slightly different. Words, they mutate.
the thoroughbred of sin
Do you mean to suggest that the EL is in fact Bad Horse?! (*gasp*)
Re: the thoroughbred of sin
As Evil goes, I'm arguing he's particularly fine and vintage. That may, indeed, make him Bad Horse, although I didn't say that if it's going to annoy Bad Horse.