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Sunday wol is rather confusing

So, I have the oddest friends within a considerable radius of this bit of the galactic spiral arm. At least, this is currently my best explanation for it. I got back from Muizenberg at about 11pm last night, having had supper with The Nicest Ex-Supervisor In The World, to find a small, lovingly-bubble-rapped parcel sitting just inside the front gate, tucked up against the wall. Upon cautious investigation (because I've been watching waaaaay too much Supernatural and in my slightly exhausted state was vaguely expecting a dripping packet of occultly-significant organs) I discovered the following:

I do have a known wol fixation, so presumably this is for me, although this could always be an unduly narcissistic assumption. My best theories: either (a) someone came past late last night, saw by his darkened study that the Evil Landlord had given up on Dragon Age (which was generating an above-average level of swearing last time I looked) and gone to bed, and my car wasn't there, and simply left the parcel; or (b)someone classifies this as a "non-functional owl" and, knowing my known proclivities, was too afraid to give it to me face-to-face. Of course there's always (c), which is not actually incompatible with either of the above: someone's trying to mess with my head. In which case this is an Owl with a Purpose and is thus entirely functional, silly.

Either way, thank you, whoever. It's a cute owl, and the solid, slightly pearly glass makes him pick up the light and glow slightly. Alternatively, if undue narcissism prevails and in fact it's your owl that you accidentally left there for good and sufficient reason which fails to leap immediately to mind, my apologies, and you know where to find him.
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It is indeed quite pretty.

I wish people left me presents.


(all this logging on business is boring me)