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One of these fine days I'm going to wake up all Sid-ravaged, force down some breakfast to armour my stomach against the anti-inflammatories, stagger blearily into my bathroom to grope for the Advil, and not immediately drop one down the basin plughole. Apart from the fact that this butterfingers tendency is almost doubling my Advil quota and causing the nice chemist man to look at me narrowly every time I buy another pack, it adds insult to injury to contemplate the fact that the basin drain system must have the most decongested, least inflamed tubes on the planet. There's no justice.

In other news: new Guild episode, first in Season 4, and Fawkes is still prevalent, yay! I find myself hopelessly rooting for the Fawkes/Codex relationship: they're both so screwed up, but I can't help feeling that if they could only synchronise their separate rare moments of functionality, they'd be good together. (And a cynical voice of internal reason with considerable experience in my romantic history enquires, sarcastically, "Projecting much?"). The Season 4 trailer is all over the show, try here. "Naughty monkey sex" is my new favourite phrase. (Alternatively, ignore all of the above. Am I the lone voice of Guild fandom in this corner of the internets? It is a sad and isolate state. It's also leaving me with a sneaking desire to try WoW, except that that, probable enrichment of my internet lectures notwithstanding, that way madness lies).

Right, vampire Snow Whites beckon, although they're not going to get the attention they deserve until the bloody Advil kicks in. I find it doubly unfair that the sinus headache tendency seems to have joined forces with the dear little clockwork-regular PMT headache, causing a monthly 2-day epic double-whammy - hormonal headache plus concrete skull symptoms, not pretty. It's all making me seriously consider the nice operation thing where they scrape out your sinuses, which sounds icky but which may be a tenable alternative to all this business of dropping pills down the sink. And whinging at the internets. Dear internets, you're such a comfort to me.
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Re: WoW
WoW scares me because, while I've played a lot of fantasy RPG computer games, I'm fundamentally unco-ordinated and panic like whoa and dammit when forced to hit Significant Buttons in real time. I play Oblivion and suchlike with frequent recourse to pause and what have you, to give me time to think. This does not seem to go well with a multi-player scenario. Although I admit I do really enjoy hitting things with a dirty great sword.

WoW really scares me because I'm perfectly capable of investing three days of my life in Plants vs. Zombies without blinking, and that's hardly designed as an immersive or interactive experience. WoW has this large flashing light that says "Don't Go There."
Re: WoW
One of the nice things about WoW is the challenge level is up to you. You can stay out of the tougher areas until suitably powerful. And it really isn't like a shooter that requires reflexes and co-ordination. I say this as one without either... ;)

Also you can have fun crafting and selling items or working the auction market like a daytrader. I played for 5 years and the last year I only logged on occasionally to see how my trades were doing.
Re: WoW
Plants v Zombies is awesome!

My boyfriend now leaves me notes around the house signed "the zombies"--as he felt it was the only way to get my attention!
Re: WoW
My boyfriend now leaves me notes around the house signed "the zombies"--as he felt it was the only way to get my attention!

Awwww! - that's cute. It would get my attention, I have to say.
L single-handedly increased The Guild fandom in Cape Town by showing Season 1 at our last-minute do a while back, people are clamouring for more. Sneaking desire to try WoW, indeed.
Heh. I have Seasons I & 2 on DVD, season 3 arrives with my mother next week. Along, now that I come to think of it, with the official Doctor Horrible DVD. I have that lovely, virtuous glow which says I've done my bit to support Felicia Day and unorthodox production models, and more strength to their elbow.
The Guild pwns. I've loved every single second, and thanks for the S4 alert - I'll be giving it repeat eyeball exposure straight after this.

Lotro is moving to a free-to-play-the-basic-version model later this year.
Hooray, fellow fans in my immediate social circle! Fangirly babbling is just sad and insane when I have to talk to myself about these things.
Arrgh, have now watched 3 episodes of the guild. They're like chips, can't stop after one. I will watch more when I have time...
I assume you've gone back to start with Season 1? they are, indeed, moreish - like snack foods because they're bite-sized. Sneaky people.
One of my friends had the sinus surgery a number of years ago, and still says it's one of the best things he's ever done. Have you exored the idea in any depth?
I've talked about it with my nice doctor lady, she says it's pretty much the next step since the sinus infection is recurring and we're just treating it symptomatically. Exploring the operation options is on my list of things to do sometime after November, which is when I get a chance to bump up my medical cover to include it ;>.
As do all right-thinking people. More fellow fans! yay!

have you given up on Fallen London, btw? or were you just out of actions when I asked you to listen to my nightmarish ramblings?