South Park Self

no alarms and no surprises, please

Right, bored now. Technology hates me and is out to get me. My car's in with the panelbeaters being welded and sealed against the damp which habitually infests it, causing the insides of the windows to fog up unpredictably so I have to drive using sonar. Which I don't have. Memo to self, become part-bat. Unless it's dolphins which use sonar? Or boats. Maybe I should become part-boat. Anyway, so I rounded off an incredibly long day exerting utmost self-discipline to be serially nice to a continuous string of students, with moderate success (only growled at one, and she deserved it), by walking home. My knees hurt. Then I opened the front door and the house alarm, which has recently developed a hissy fit about the connectivity of the front door sensor, celebrated my return by going off loudly before I could get to the keypad to neutralise it. My nerves are still jangling.

Now I'm sitting at my computer swearing at the speakers, which have recently acquired a random and horrible distort at higher registers, like violin music and Regina Spektor. No amount of fiddling with the settings seems to help this, I'm going demented, and it's doing positively disgusting things to the Section Quartet, who otherwise make me incredibly happy by doing string quartet covers of Iron Maiden, Radiohead and Cream. Honestly, you wouldn't believe how much fun "Sunshine of your Love" is as classical chamber music. And Radiohead is just lyrically beautiful. But my speakers distort. Someone out there who's both a muso and technogeek, please make useful suggestions? At this stage my options seem to be (a) watch enough STNG to persuade Wesley Crusher to come and solve the problem by unleashing the technobabble, or (b) bury the speakers in the garden for the moles to chew on, and serve them right.

On the upside: new Guild today. Although Fawkes is being horrible. Predictably horrible, but I'm still all depressed.
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Ah, crunchy bite-sized Guild episodes, you simply have to finish the packet. I'd guess you hadn't made the Wil Wheaton connection because of (a) the beard, and (b) the bit where he's playing dead against type. Or, of course, (c), the intervening fifteen years or so may also have something to do with it.
Aw c'mon, rollergoth in the last scene was a hoot. The whole episode has so much genius crammed into it my head almost sploded.

I was going to suggest replacing your speakers with those from the public library, but they probably don't have any.

If it was me I'd probably unplug them, smooth out the cables, run the cables so they're not near any power cables, and plug 'em in again, all of which would prove futile and result in me having to buy new speakers. One way to check if the speakers really do need inhuming is to plug them into the EL's machine and see if they still misbehave.