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desires and dreams and powers, and everything but sleep

Hmmm. Last night I dreamed I was in some sort of totalitarian state with a Vaguely Victorian feel to it, climbing through dilapidated skyscraper tenements in order to discuss anarchic revolution plans with bands of youths in colourful top hats, and later loading the car so the pregnant lady and her teddy bear could escape. (She didn't, although it's always possible the teddy bear did.) I diagnose a steady diet of Echo Bazaar on top of a week of almost wall-to-wall student queries, preparatory to next week's first week of term.

The first week of term is known colloquially as Hellweek to curriculum advisors, on account of the tendency of every single undergrad student plus their droogs, dogs and incontinent porcupines to randomly drop and add courses throughout the week. The inalienable right of the common or garden student to change their minds is enshrined in our faculty vision, but it's a bloody exhausting process. On the upside, once I've suitably wrangled this complicated timetable for 40+ advisors into something like order, most of it won't actually have to be done by me, leaving me to deal with only the particularly demanding, labyrinthine or eccentric cases. Hmmm. There's a flaw in my reasoning somewhere.

I am very tired. Did I mention that I'm tired? Five days of continual demands from non-notice-reading students are very tiring. On the upside, Friday! I seriously need to sleep late for a couple of days, although with the Hobbit's new tendency to climb onto my chest and bite me lovingly when he wants breakfast, this may be Doomed.

Mostly, though, I think I'm depressed because everyone in the whole world except me is at ComicCon. Phooey.
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'Tis the cry of the distant African fan: it's not fair! Although I am by gosh and dammit going to vote in the Hugos this year, to make me feel marginally relevant.
Someone feed the damned Starveling Cat!
Oh dear. It has been a long time since I've been this hooked on a game. Echo Bazaar's addiction factor eclipses that of crystal meth. My Fate is as Damned as the Unterzee!

Hope you get some quality rest, and best of luck with Hellweek. Take an Araby Fighting-Weasel with you ;)
Re: Someone feed the damned Starveling Cat!
Oh joy! another delicious friend is seduced! EB is remarkably atmospheric and beautifully balanced, and very, very nicely judged so you can keep it going throughout the day in odd moments without actually affecting your productivity.

The thought of setting an Araby Fighting Weasel on the next little darling without the correct paperwork is curiously consoling.
I am casting suspicious glances at Echo Bazaar and prodding it tentatively. Either it'll end up stealing far too much of my time (whatever you say to the contrary) or I'll forget all about it after a few days. Or just maybe there is a middle way. We shall see.