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it was cute

Gosh, I've just remembered that I had a long, involved dream last night about being in a team for a general knowledge quiz, facing off against the Axis of Anarchy. (It was close, but we kicked their butts, although I think not due to any actual contribution from me: very vivid dream-image of the top scores in number of questions answered correctly, and I was nowhere near the top, mostly because everyone else knew a lot more about pretentious British literary writers than I did). This was clearly a distant, plaintive response to all the cool Guild revelations going on simultaneously at ComicCon. Their next release is a Bollywood-style video. Heh. On the upside, dream!Fawkes - being, predictably, a complete bastard. The slightly horrifying Fawkes/Codex portrait has immediately cured me of that particular ship (sigh), but my favourite vicarious ComicCon moment remains @wilw's tweet: "Guys! Guys! @badastronomer and I rode up the escalator with Sigourney Weaver. She talked to us! On purpose!" Geeks, so cute, even when they're famous.

Jo&Stv, our favourite Dynamic Duo, are back in town, and I am typing this slightly sloshed from lots of gin and wine and a giant beef chasseur which I madly cooked for them. It is a sad truth that my booze and excessive food consumption probably dropped to about a quarter of its usual level while they were out of town. Status is now, however, quo. Memo to self, must go back to the gym. However, since Hellweek starts tomorrow, I tend to feel that starting it hungover is almost as good as actually starting it drunk. Also, good beef.

By way of final randomness, my latest teeny ficlet is up on Microfic. This topic, "Sure Thing", gave me horrible strife, possibly because it's quite specific and I was resisting the whole con/sting/bet implications. Bloody-mindedness is a virtue. Possibly. This one may, however, end up being incomprehensible to the casual bystander, I was as usual trying to pack too much into it.
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that portrait must be of the in-game characters. The players don't quite have the same ... physical attributes.
Strangely, no. In fact, mercifully no. Then again, I don't think the romance novel cover genre is big on realism.

Amusing comments in Wil Wheaton's blog post comments about clearly photoshopped heads on bodies, and how now any geek can put themselves and their big sword up against Felicia Day...