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My Favourite Things About Scotland used to run (1) Belle & Sebastian, (2) George Macdonald, (3) David Tennant, and (4) shortbread. Now I have to add (5), Glasgow University. Good lord, but that's an unreasonably lovely campus. There's an enormous, very green, very beautiful park between my hotel and the main university buildings, which loom over the trees like a distant Gormenghastian vision. Glasgow has to be the only campus where the church looks like a university and the university looks like a cathedral. Photos tomorrow, when the light's right and I have time. But I wandered back to my hotel this evening through the more spectacular bits of campus gawping like a mere colonial. It seemed appropriate.

I think the day has gone quite well: two papers name-checked my book this morning, which has me feeling smug to a somewhat feline extent. Apparently I'm becoming the go-to fairy-tale theorist for metafiction. I wasn't entirely happy with the way my paper went, I'm all sinusy again and my brain is a bit fried so it felt incoherent, but people said nice things about it. Right now I'm busy bunking the evening's fiction readings on account of exhaustion. The recent glandular wossnames, and the merry hob they play with my gym schedule, have left me feek and weeble, and all the walking is getting to me.

The bits of the city I've seen, other than the university, are ... interesting. The people have been uniformly lovely, down-to-earth and friendly, but the taxi driver's discourse was all on recession and the closure of shipyards, and I pass an awful lot of closed businesses and run-down buildings as I toddle through the streets.

Also, I could have haggis for breakfast if I wanted. Which, frankly, I don't.
The haggis was OK. It's the constant black pudding for breakfast that I couldn't stand!

Congrats on the paper, and the growing status; I initially misread that you were the "go-to fairy"... :-)
Re: Glaswegian
I see you have divined my secret!

in fact, it's surprising how seldom fairy tales contain actual fairies. You mostly need to be Disney, or eighteenth-century French.
Re: Glaswegian
My dad used to go all misty-eyed for a good slice of fried black pudding. I've always been tempted to try it...
Re: Glaswegian
It's certainly got a unique taste, and the Scottish love it for breakfast. Worth trying, at least once. :)
What good news...joyous and jubilant celebrations on being fact checked by the press...that is awesome!

I was surprised when served haggis for Christmas dinner that it tastes a lot like boerewors....although distantly more I guess boiled boerewors. Perhaps barbequed haggis may be the go!

Oatmeal biscuits and shortbread are both very nice tho.

PS don’t go to the borders...I worked in Gretna Green for awhile I found it hard—all the locals had the disconcerting ability to look in two directions at the same time and were somewhat feral. Only place in the world I have genuinely come within inches of being stabbed (at least that I knew about!).

You sound ... almost enthused. It's unnatural! Do you have a strange fondness for haggis?

been meaning to mail you, btw, following your tweets. Bumpykitten is go! Y is pregnant. (Am confirming because bumpy probably won't, he's all embarrassed, it's cute!) Shall send you long gossipy email when I've finished being All Academic, Like.
Name-checkage is great!

Was thinking of you, in fact, as I delved into period Italian fairy-tales to dig up something for Bardic. "Extemp would be a big help here...damn, she's in forn parts!" I muttered. I think I've finally settled on "King Pig".
Also, Angela Carter has inspired me to do my first ever erotic art piece. Look for hot Duke-Snowgirl action soon.
Yay! Gratz on the excellent recognition.

Haggis, neeps and tatties FTW! Try it, after all it's just sausage. And what could go better with sausage than turnips and potatoes?

A Scottish breakfast, complete with fried black pudding, is a thing of such beauty as to make me weep tears of joy.
David Tennant
I fear I feel duty bound to give you reason to reconsider:


(Also, glad you're having a fine time! Was very lovely to see you in London. Am basking happily in the warm glow occasioned by a serious supply of Milo bars. Yay!)
the go-to fairy-tale theorist for metafiction

How wonderfully you. And how wonderful that you should be recognised for it. My heart gladdens.

And you are well on your way to becoming a Global Authority. Just be sure not to misstep and become a National Treasure.
Woo-hoo! Nothing like academic acknowledgement to induce near-toxic levels of smug. So cool.