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viscous agglutinations of bubbling cells

Words cannot describe how bored I am with my sinuses. I regard with affectionate nostalgia the days when I used to suffer from common or garden colds. A cold! a mere set of snuffles, productive of nose-blowing and ritualistic whinging, but not actually incapacitating - those halcyon days! Now the slightest germ, such as those exotics produced in liberal quantities by (a) students flocking back from all corners of the globe at the start of term, and (b) inter-continental air travel, dives straight into my sinuses, where it starts summoning Cthulhoid Shoggoth-creatures with mad abandon, thus alerting the glandular fever virus to new, exciting opportunities to lay me low. Age, it's a bugger.

I started developing this bug on Monday, with a sore throat, suggesting I caught it off my mother. She kicked it after two days, being more or less superhuman and ridiculously healthy, and why the hell didn't I get those genes? No fair. I've been pretty much useless for any practical purpose since Tuesday, and though I'm back at work today I'm still cement-skulled, headachy and spaced. (This last may, of course, have something to do with the insomnia as much as the shoggoth-colonisation. I really find falling sleep difficult at the best of times, let alone when the inside of my skull hates me and wants me to suffer.)

However! This will not endure. Come the end of this year I'm damned well upping my medical scheme from a hospital plan to full cover, and finding one of those nice specialist people who'll go into my sinuses with something vaguely resembling the mole-creature drills from The Incredibles, and settle their hash once and for all. Which will, I hope, make for far more entertaining blog posts, if fewer opportunities for Cthulhoid references. Although to be fair some of the current outbreak may be because we played Mythos on Sunday. Can you tell we played Mythos on Sunday? (I won, mostly because librsa wasn't counting. His deck-fu is much stronger than my deck-fu, I still get all distracted by the pretty pictures rather than the tactical value of the cards).

As a side-effect of the Cthulhoid state of my sinuses, I completely omitted to mention that my new Microfiction story is up. This was my choice of topic ("Feathers", for no adequately defined reason), and with characteristic cussedness I hated it, hated what I wrote, wrote two versions of the story and hated them both, and am still not happy with the effort I finally posted in a state of "grrrr". It was too close in theme to the first one I wrote, "Light", and what the hell's with me and flying imagery, anyway? Really, the lesson is that I shouldn't try to translate weird dreams into fiction. Or, possibly, I shouldn't try and translate weird dreams into fiction in 250 words.
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I'm so glad you're looking for a nasal specialist. You've suffered so much from Sid, it would be a real blessing to serve him notice and run him out of town. I think you've been far too patient as it is!

Thank you, btw, for calling to chat when you were in London. Sounds like you had a splendid visit, friend-wise and academic-wise. Hope it prompts far more visits and/or scholarly outputs in the near future!

Have I mentioned we ran a kick-ass event in a castle just this mongth?
I felt so bad about returning your call so late - I really cannot seem to train myself into being a genuine cellphone-using life-form, too much of the time I completely forget about the wretched thing, and I stumble across these missed calls anything up to days later. It's even worse when I'm out of my usual routines. I could completely have met you for lunch that day, I was bumbling around with Scroob doing shopping and feeding grapes to the Elf-baby. Sigh. It was, as you say, nice to chat anyway.

(Oh, lord. And I've just been reminded by this to check my phone, wherein lurks a message from tngr_spacecadet which is probably about three days old. I suck at cellphones).
I hope you get better soon. Am happy to report first batch of tomato and rice soup (now with added pearl barley) is a big success; thank you!