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teaching OpenOffice to spell "interdisciplinarity"

My last two days have rather bizarrely shadowed my experience in this job, insofar as (a) actually, when you get down to it I really don't enjoy taking minutes, but (b) I'm very good at it. This was a two-day workshop entailing the second instalment of discussions between a bunch of smallish departments in the Faculty plotting a merger into one giant, loosely thematically-linked department, for purposes variously of synergy, survival and structural clout. This boiled down to around 25 academics from social sciency disciplines, sitting in a room arguing intellectual overlaps and differences in tandem with organisational and political challenges. And me, taking notes. It's lucky I'm predisposed to polysyllables, is all I can say.

It's bloody tricky, the note-taking skill: simultaneously apprehending an argument, distilling it out of its sometimes wandering informality, and typing it up really, really fast, yay Winona attached to a proper keyboard. (Also, yay to a high school which gave me a formal touch-typing course in parallel to my A-levels). These are academics. The arguments were frequently very, very dense, but with the tendency to circularity, repetition and fumbling for clarity of any oral communication. It was an experience I'd imagine would be loosely approximated by sitting in a series of about seven lectures, one after the other, when the lecturer was interesting but not very good at logical structure, and absolutely everything was going to be in the exam. It's a seven-hour period of fixed attention, in which I can't afford to relax for an instant in case I miss something important; it adds new levels of bone-weariness to "completely exhausted". After two days of it, I feel as though someone's sucked two-thirds of my brain out through my ears before beating me cheerfully with rubber bludgeons. (This last because the chairs were seriously anti-ergonomic and I'm very stiff and have a very sore butt).

On the upside, nice restaurant setting (Wild Fig), excellent lunches, rave reviews from various academics on how good my notes are, and the Dean seriously owes me for this one. I'm useless for practical purposes today.

Quick public service announcement, incidentally: LiveJournal is doing this bloody silly thing where they've automated a one-click method of posting LJ comments to Facebook accounts. Including comments on friends-locked posts, with a link to the locked post, which can't be accessed by anyone not authorised to read it, but which now has its existence, and at least one comment on its content, revealed. (Very good discussion here on why this is a stupidly bad idea). More importantly, the quick-click nature of this feature, which you can't opt out of other than by hacking the CSS, makes it trivially easy to cross-post, thereby vastly increasing the amount of crossover between a Facebook and LJ account.

Now, here's the thing. I go by my real name on Facebook. I don't link that real name to LJ in any way that I can possibly detect and avoid, but a lot of people who know me here also know me in real life and are Facebook friends, which means that there's a real potential for a casual cross-post to reveal the existence of this journal to a real-life network, some of whom I may not wish to see reading the more relaxed and personal entries on my LJ. I am asking you nice witterers, please, as an interim courtesy, not to cross-post any comment you leave on this LJ to your Facebook, supposing any of you are remotely likely to do such a thing. This is interim because I am seriously considering migrating my meanderings off LJ, and quite probably myself off Facebook as well, I completely loathe the kind of cavalier attitude to privacy both these networks are developing. (As do many people. See poll on this latest stupidity).

Social networks are wonderful things, except when they ain't.
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I hear Dreamwidth is nice. ;)

But seriously, it seems to be getting much more traction than previous clones like Insanejournal and it's run by people who Get It on a fundamental level.

I really don't get the point of the crossposting. Why would I want to crosspost *an individual comment*, context-free, on either Facebook or Twitter? At least on Facebook there is presumably enough room for the whole comment and a link back to the original post, and it'll be no more incoherent than normal wall-to-wall conversations, but Twitter?! It seems like an utterly bizarre thing to do. And I won't be doing it.
As commenting fails go, I'm afraid that doesn't actually qualify as epic. More routine.

I have heard good things of Dreamwidth, indeed, but I think I might go WordPressy on my own site rather, at least then I'll have control of Stuff. And, yes, completely with you on the "bizarre and inexplicable" thing, the degree of self-congratulation necessary to repost your own decontextualised comments seems a bit extreme. But it's mostly annoying as a deeply stupid move on LJ's part: it's either unbelievably short-sighted and deeply dumb about the nature of social networks, or it's some kind of wholly commercial move which profoundly doesn't care about the members of said social networks and what they might think. I'm kinda insulted, actually.
Oh, right, you already have hosting! WP for the win, then. It's pretty easy to maintain, and you can have everything exactly how you like it.

I just nuked my FB account. The only reason I opened it in the first place was to be able to access the CLAWs group, and nobody uses that anymore. So.
WordPress is a good blog engine. Having your own blog site is a good thing for many purposes, but it's just not social the way that LJ, FB, Twitter is. they're addictive since you check an aggregate, a stream, a group of people all at once.

Sites that aggregate these aggregators always sounded a bit silly and wrong to me, yet it may finally be time for those if you go to WP. It's either that or an RSS reader.

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LJ's friends stream is nice but trust me (as someone who's never done LJ), other blogging is *quite* addictive enough.

I like Wordpress.

I also like being able to use my WP identity to comment on LJ. Much better.

The commenter formerly known as scroob.
Cross-linking is clearly of the devil, whatever the reasoning behind it. Even worse, if I've correctly read the LJ information you linked to: it's one-way - once you've cross-posted, subsequent editing in LJ is no reflected in FB (presumably it's therefore also un-deletable).

But it seems you have to actively activate cross-posting, and then be simultaneously logged in to Livejournal and Facebook for it to work. In other words, anyone with any sense probably won't do it. I hope.
It is absolutely fatal to rely on everyone being possessed of actual sense. Even reasonably common-sensical people can click a link in a moment of madness. Also, it's the principle of the thing, dammit!

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Being something of a luddite seems to be working in my favour. No FB, no Twittering, no iPhone, no lost bandwidth. Ignorance is bliss.
Well done on the note taking! (And thanks for the books by the way, I have DEVOURED them already).

More and more people are cancelling their facebook accounts because of privacy issues, which is a pity as it is a useful social tool on the one hand and a useful professional networking tool on the other.
Being out of the loop a bit, this is news to me. And bloody annoying. Stuff that I post on LJ, although I write very carefully, could cost careers or even lives. Like you, my LJ and FB are separate entities.

WP on hosted site is the way forward. I'll have to start migration forthwith.
I think I'm likely to leave Facebook before I leave LJ - as Frog says, LJ is such a nice network, unlike a personal WP blog. Having no Facebook to link to does minimise damage, but it's really a matter of time before LJ does something else stupid. Sigh. And I thought the custom CSS code had worked, but nope, repost buttons still bloody here. Phooey.
oh, no, wait, it did work! I think the new journal style futzed it up somehow, but I've repasted and the ticky boxes have gone, yay!
When I closed my FB account (the one under my real name) in 2007 it was a major mission to get them to delete the account. Like a number of these sites, they want to deactivate your account instead, and keep your information "in case you change your mind". I would snort in an unladylike fashion if that attitude didn't make me want to strangle people until their eyes bleed instead. I had to talk to FB support staff to get everything removed, and this process also involved me having to delete a bunch of stuff manually for reasons only know to FB software architects.

Lo and behold, when that August 2010 security hole was announced (enter email address with wrong password and get back person's name) and I tried the email address I used in 2007 for my old account with a wrong password, I got back my real name! So much for a complete wipe of my account from their servers.

But you never know, maybe it's much easier now to remove an account. Snort.
Apparently not, but at least Teh Internets have apparently wised up to this little problem: there seem to be good instructions for The Final Delete on WikiHow. But I agree, it's moderately iniquitous that we should have to go to these lengths. Visions of trying to walk away from Facebook while it's clinging to your ankle, sobbing "No! you don't really mean this! you want to stay!" No dignity at all, really.