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I am still totally amazed by this staggeringly unlucky coincidence

A couple of weeks ago Carlo emailed me with a quote he vaguely thought might be from DR & Quinch, which he hoped I might vaguely happen to recognise - a completely futile hope, may I add, in that my memory really does bear a striking resemblance to Horace the Cheese (shapeless, incomprehensible and occasionally psychotic). What this did cause me to do was to discover, in the course of otherwise pointless googling, that there's a complete DR & Quinch collection. Which Loot stocks. Which I bought. Which arrived a few days ago, and which I have been joyously re-reading. I feel much more psychotic now, thank you, and at the same time curiously more likely to totally appreciate the minor, like, eccentricities of my more disaffected students.

I used to read 2000 AD back in the days when I was a lone, lorn undergraduate gurrrl in the midst of a largely male role-playing group, causing my inadvertant acquisition of many of their little boyish vices. I loved DR & Quinch for their off-the-wall anarchy, although I suspect I may also have had a sneaking fellow feeling for Chrysoprasia, whose pre-DR state of pastel blonde goody-two-shoes girliness rather resembled mine pre-roleplaying:

Possibly fortunately, I never did actually acquire the taste for off-the-shelf tactical nuclear weapons and associated mayhem, and only partially a taste for Alan Moore.

At any rate, after all that it transpires that the quote in question doesn't seem to be DR & Quinch at all. I'm inclining to darkly suspect it might be Nemesis the Warlock, but perhaps one of you reprehensible lot will recognise it? "All the fish are hollow my dear, and no longer swim at me. We have stopped dreaming that horrible dream of the harp with its strings of spaghetti."

I should also give you fair warning that my subject lines are likely to be DR & Quinch quotes until further notice. Homicidal alien teens are alarmingly quotable.
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I don't think I remember anything about Tyranny Rex. Oh, wait, she had a long lizardy tail. Yes? No recollection at all of her story arcs.
Yes, that's her. Cyberjacking sometimes involved a brief psychedelic episode. More likely Doom patrol though. Want to look at my copy?
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Re: Laaaik
I have to say, re-reading DR&Q made me vaguely wonder what the hell Alan Moore was doing messing with what at the time would have been California beach-dude speech patterns, before they infected the teen population at large. Although they're very funny in context, probably because they're mixed up with all the homicidal mayhem.
I have absolutely no recollection of reading Doom Patrol, but conversely the Michelle tip is a good one, I shall pursue. This has become an investigative crusade, I hate not being able to identify quotes. Excelsior!