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An odd assortment of writing sorts of things lately:

  • My latest Micfic is up; this fortnight's theme is "Ghosts". I ended up, for no adequately defined reason, being post-colonial. Go figure.
  • I just read Ursula Vernon's Dragonbreath, which is a semi-graphic novel aimed at approximately eight-year-olds. It's charming, amusing, latently subversive and inserts itself beautifully into the highly private and specific world-view of the child. Also, Wendell the iguana is my new favourite geek stereotype. Tell all your small daughters to hurry up and grow so I can give them copies.
  • Hogwarts Facebook pages. No, really. Also, Twitter feeds and a YouTube clip. These are very well done, and very amusing.
  • How to subtly diss Twilight. "Twilight, in particular, is in fact fairy tale, its de-fanged vampire hero operating as the glittering, unattainable prince whose power and attractions form the basis for an unexamined exclusive and heterosexual unity in classic fairy-tale terms." I am modestly proud of this sentence, which I think jumps all over Twilight's gender stupidities with a certain dignified restraint.
  • And, not unrelated to the above point, I finished this paper. Only 3 days late and 200 words over limit. And only moderate hair-tearing over bloody Chicago footnote style. Chicago footnote style brings me out in a rash. But it's done. Hooray!
  • Current Mood: exhausted v. tired.
Your Twilight sentence is a mini-masterpiece; thanks for sharing.

And congratulations on getting the paper done.

At the risk of being annoying, doesn't referencing software take care of the Chicago Footnote style for you?
Referencing software would almost certainly take care of the Chicago style if I actually used referencing software... Being as how I only write about one paper a year, I've never felt an urgent need to acquaint myself with such a programme. But I probably should.

Thank you for "mini-masterpiece." I preen.
- (Anonymous)
Re: I hear you
How odd. Although not really, when you consider the fatal attraction of academics towards bloody-minded individuality. I dream of the day when the revolution comes and a benign dictator makes everyone in the whole world ever use the same style. On pain of flogging. I'd even live with Chicago footnotes if everyone else had to. One standard style is worth a little pain.

I think there's a core of my psyche which believes that footnotes should be reserved for the use of Terry Pratchett.