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So, I was grovelling around at wolverine_nun's feet yesterday evening1, and she mentioned that my blog posts have been more upbeat in the last week or so, yay, but what's with that? Which, I have to admit, caused me to think in a vague, confused sort of way, "gosh, upbeat, is it? tell that to this week's long line of reproachful student zombies with the bite marks in their throats". But, as usual, she's right. I'm still not enamoured of this job, but it does go through a graceful sine wave of "aarghIhateit" in the troughs and "actuallyit'snottoobad"in the crests, and right now I'm cresting.

(In completely unrelated news, Wikipedia defines a sine wave as a "smooth repetitive oscillation", which is a groovy little phrase that for some reason makes me think of jazz, or possibly belly-dancing. Also, sine waves are sinusoidal, giving me a curious sense of affinity for them owing to the depredations of Sid).

I'm particularly up today. This is unlikely, because I finally woke up this morning having hit the snooze button three times in a row and gone straight back to being dead, and that usually means trouble of the bodysheisscratched variety (and, yup. An hour into the morning it was very obvious that someone socked me in the neck again, probably an annoyed student zombie on a revenge spree; I feel as though I haven't actually slept, and Sid is all rampageous). But, you know, this chronic glandular/sinusoid thing? It's very boring, but as a result of it being old hat, I'm also getting very good at managing it. It's like continually running into the same boring old school associate, with whom you have nothing in common, but whom politeness dictates you cannot get rid of until they've fully explored their designated fifteen minutes of narcissistic, irrelevant guff. You learn the topics to avoid, and the best techniques for slithering off early. This weekend I shall avoid heavy lifting, digging in the garden and going to bed too late, and shall attempt to be moderate on the alcohol front2.

I'm also up because yesterday I had one of those potentially annoying job-assessment interviews with my immediate boss (who is a Nice Lady, but it's an annoying process full of managerialspeak), and ended up bending things rather unexpectedly to my will. Part of the chronic illness management thing is not to overload myself. Orientation is the massive overload in my year, particularly because it coincides with my registration duties. Out of a general policy of why the hell not3, I told Ye Boss straightforwardly that it isn't working to have responsibility for both at once, and that ideally my job description should be rewritten to give my orientation subordinate the actual responsibility, with me assisting him in the academic bits. I expected an "interesting, will refer it to the relevant committees", instead of which I got "gosh, yes, makes perfect sense, that job description was a bit of a stab in the dark anyway, make it so." Yesterday I talked to said subordinate, who is quite revved up at the idea of taking over. Just like that, my working life is better, more rational, and more likely to give me the space to do the remaining bits of the job far more efficiently and well. Not to mention less exhaustion and more sanity, which is always good.

Also, it's Friday. Fridayfridayfriday! And Guy Fawkes. I love fireworks, even faintly in the distance.

1 Pinning up a Tudor hem. What?

2 I shall also focus intensely on the relief portion of the complex responses which make up my awareness of the fact that I'm not going to Here Be Dragons this weekend. Because? while I'm sad and miss it and my friends, that way deadness lies.

3 There is an unexpected level of sheer liberation in not being particularly invested in this job. It means I don't worry, beyond everyday politeness, about pissing people off as I go gung-ho after whatever I want to achieve. In the world of university bureaucracy this is a serious plus.

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thank you for random cheerleader routine, appreciated :>. Also, I now have a mental image of you in a cheerleader's uniform, and it's kinda cute.
Office space
There is an echo of the movie "Office Space" in the logic of the less you "care" about the job the more successful you become.

Actually there is an almost Kafka-esque element at work there. Guess it is in the nature of bureaucracy

Re: Office space
It is, actually, extremely Kafkaesque, and not a little ironic. I do my best to do this bloody job well, but I don't define myself by it - in fact, I define myself quite deliberately outside it. I may screw up, people may attack my approach in the job, and annoyance results, but it doesn't affect me on any profound level of personal identity. I haven't actually seen Office Space, probably I should.