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You probably all know about the Kickstarter project to make an animated film of Neil Gaiman's short story "The Price". At time of writing, they are $4000 away from their total, with just under 24 hours left to go. If they don't make the total, no-one pays anything.

This is a wonderful confluence of three of my favourite things, namely Neil Gaiman, cats and animation; it's also a lovely crowd-source opportunity, and the animation is beautiful and creepy in all the right ways. I've pledged $50, which nets me a copy of the DVD. This is nothing in the greater scheme of things. Nor, given the itsy-bitsy-teensy-weensy nature of this blog, is this post going to achieve much in the way of vast crowds rushing to add their mite to the whole. But it might inspire a few of you to toss a few dollars their way, and every little bit added to what you've got, makes just a little bit more. Think about it. (You need to join Kickstarter, but you pay via Amazon).

I really hope this one comes off. It could be amazing. And it's one strike in the defense of the democratic creation of beautiful films, and one in the eye for the corporate-driven dreck habitually perpetrated by Hollywood.
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And he made it, did you see? Hooray!! With about fifteen hours to spare. I'm really, really looking forward to seeing this. (Eventually...)