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a bear called Eric

Fiasco! is my new favourite roleplaying experience. I'm addicted. I spent most of Sunday being the fake-twin bubblegum-pop-fake-hard-rock lead singer to Jo's version of my fake twin sister (she was the emo one, I was the poppy one, we had catfights and no brain worth mentioning and did drugs and drummers in equal quantities). Our rock band was called Unicorn Bloodsports. The final song in the stadium performance featured a live bear and fireworks. Highjinks were going to ensue even before the crazy mixups with the extra gunpowder, the PCP, swapping the mostly trained bear for the mostly untrained bear, the bit where our tame reporter punched the guy from Rolling Stone, and the convoluted insurance scam with the secret abortion and the fake bear attack. It was a complete fiasco, and deeply satisfying on a rather cinematic narrative level.

I am going to try and do Fiasco! sessions at approximately two-weekly intervals until further notice, let me know if you want to be on the mailing list for the "I want to play this Saturday/Sunday, first sign-ups get the places" mails.

Fiasco! is completely necessary to distract me from the horrible patchwork quilt of training, meetings, training for meetings, board schedule checking, student angst and orientation planning which makes up the end of the year. This is my second ten-hour day without a break. Thank the involved and arbitrary gods of bureaucracy, it calms down after the final, giant, culminatory meeting tomorrow. The Dean is saying nice things about my work for the year, but I still feel I haven't beaten this giant, tottering system into anything like the clockwork efficiency demanded by my inner jackbooted fascist, and it annoys me.

Now I am going to go home and play mindless computer games in a spirit of "aargh I have no brain". And probably eat ice-cream for supper, because I've earned it. Dammit.
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Hooray! will add you forthwith. This is usually a 5-7hr single session, so works brilliantly for a floating player population with time constraints from, e.g., young ladies under 3' high.
I'd love to give Fiasco a try if you play while I'm in town - 17-30th Dec.
Great! Not fussy, the more the merrier. But it would be good to see smoczek & w_n if they're available. Wayne & Jean?
When I have no brain from stress it's always the same game. ShadowMagic. Although when the Evil Landlord's in Australia over Christmas I'm going to fire up either Mass Effect or Fallout, on the grounds that they're both long overdue. Either that or I'll acquire the latest Fable, which I do want to play as well.
The final song in the stadium performance featured a live bear and fireworks

Wow. Weird Al had imperial stormtroopers, a fatsuit and Santa Claus Going "ho ho ho" while brandishing a hoe, but I think that tops it.
I think we determined that the final song was our current hit, "Animal Lover". There's probably a good reason why rock bands don't generally use wild animals, specially with fireworks: we set fire to the stage, the drummer and Jo's character, and the only reason we didn't set fire to the bear was because it had mauled everyone it could reach and run off. One scene in the game involved a perfectly straight-faced attempt by my character to persuade the special effects person, played by Lara as matter-of-factly insane, to use a man in a flame-retardant bear suit. One of our tilt parameters was "A stupid plan, executed to perfection", and we took it to heart.
ooh, sign me up please! The sproglets are being handily spirited away to Hermanus by their grandparents next Wednesday so we will have a couple of days of wondering what to do with all that spare time...