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chilling out

Oh, my, heatwave. It's mercifully clouded and windy today, but it's been ungodly out there. Every time I come home I realise anew why it is that the pagans got into tree-worshipping: I want to fall down at the plane tree's shady feet and adore. Stepping into the shade from the griddle of the road outside is practically a religious experience. The tree shades the whole side of the house, which is blissfully cool as a result; I hate to think what life would be like if supernatural tree-thieves spirited away the plane tree overnight.

As a result, possibly, of all the heat, and the side-effect that it's a positive pleasure to wander around the garden with a hosepipe de-wilting all the vegetation, my vegetables and herbs are going gangbusters. My small but enthusiastic chilli bush, in particular, is dementedly producing a completely unlikely quantity of chillis, far more than I could possibly use even if I cooked insane thai, Indian and Mexican cuisine for the next six weeks.

This is the result of ten minutes of picking: I've had to throw out another twenty or so which I got to too late and which have shrivelled, and I missed a few full-sized ones on the bush. The mad thing will certainly procuce a second crop, it did last year.

Fired with enthusiasm, I pickled them.

It's curiously satisfying. Apart from the fact that I love pickled chillis and find the vinegar fumes all bracing, there's a sort of back-to-the-land self-sufficiency in pickling your own (albeit miniature) crop. Even if it's a tiny, token gesture, it brings me just one step closer to surviving the zombie apocalypse. Although, to be fair, while the South African crime-rate means most of our homes are fairly zombie-proof, the overall defensibility of this house is badly compromised by the dining-room window.
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The red and green peppers in the blue bowl is a fabulous photo.

I know it's ungrateful of me, but I would gladly swap the snow (now turning to icky slush) for a heatwave. Or even being able to see the sun.
Thank you for photo compliment. That blue bowl is actually cheating - it's the most incredibly vivid colour and almost anything looks amazing in it, quite apart from the fact that chillis are all jewel-like and cheery and photogenic all on their own.

I am not unaware of the tragic injustice that you guys are hating the cold while I'm hating the hot. I'm not quite as snow-embracing as usual owing to the fact that it's robbed me of a week of my mother's company, which is Not Cricket. Today is better heat-wise, too, actual rain.