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my laser spanner was stolen by Emily Pankhurst, cheeky woman

Cape Town is ungodly hot today: honestly, those of you in sub-zero temperatures in the northern hemisphere, I'll swap, any time. 36o today. I had to go out to Fish Hoek, where the entire world and their favourite armadillo were seething around on the beach, shoulder to shoulder, sizzling gently. Heatwaves in bumper-to-bumper traffic are not fun. Also, we apparently have two more days of this, and I go back to work tomorrow. In addition to being a small limp melted puddle of thing, I tragically have to take my mother to the airport in an hour or so, after way too short a time of The Holiday That Virgin Atlantic Screwed Up. Fortunately I'm too heat-stressed to work up a good head of steam on railing bitterly at the cosmic wossnames.

Despite all this I'm actually in a ridiculously good mood, as a direct result of the fact that the Evil Landlord has finally managed to negotiate his post-Australia-return insane work schedule to actually see me for more than three and a half minutes in passing. He bought me a sonic screwdriver for Christmas. Apparently Australia has lots of sonic screwdrivers, who knew? It's the Eleventh Doctor's one, it has a blue light and an extendy claw bit and makes the proper sonic screwdriver noise and everything. It's regressed me approximately to a five-year-old in a state of unholy glee. I would be a sad geeky fangirl, except that I'm an extremely happy geeky fangirl. Next up, those USB memory sticks shaped like a Tardis. They go "vworp vworp". In not entirely unrelated news, which of you fellow happy geeks scored the Christmas Special? I need to wave my sonic screwdriver at it.

*wanders off to re-attach barbed wire and resonate concrete*
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I used to hate the default London winter weather: +3C and mostly damp. It wasn't anything - not cold enough to freeze, not warm enough to enjoy, not dry enough to let clothes dry or prevent mould on old walls, not wet enough to warrant a raincoat....

But after 3 weeks of frozen-gunk-on-the-ground weather, it's an improvement. At least +3C damp weather isn't detrimental to all forms of transport from walking onwards. It thus also allows regular mail, supplies of fresh milk, etc.
You'll swap any time, will you? How about right now, when our boiler's bust? (Srsly, is ridiculous, in rapid succession we have had outages of power, water, and now heat. Strawb there tells me I have offended Offler, and I fear he may be right. Possibly by not teaching Elfling the proper incantations when she happily names crocodiles in pictures.)

Never mind though - fan heaters are apparently way more effective than I remembered...

I would venture to suggest that you wouldn't like to swap your 36C for my -8C. Especially since the toilets are in cubicles open to the sky and wind, and the showers are in a draughty tent.

It's always greener on the other side ;)