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Tron Legacy, /trɒn/ /ˈlɛgəsi/,-n. An entirely predictable entry in the lexicon of pointless sequels. An absurd farrago of occasionally stylish visuals lacking all script coherence. A clichéd mess. A locus of wooden acting and uncanny valley. Loud.

On the upside, it was at least an air-conditioned theatre, and I rather liked the music. But it's a bit sad: the original Tron, while now wildly dated and itself no miracle of the scriptwriter's art, was at least interesting and groundbreaking and had something vaguely resembling an idea in its head. This didn't, other than the obvious one of "let's make lots of money."

Great, now I have the Pet Shop Boys on my brain. Sigh. I'm going to bed. Possibly in the bath. Filled with cold water. Cape Town continues hot, by which I mean aaargh.
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Hahaha, "bio-digital jazz, man". That was my favourite line. Complete nonsense, but I quite enjoyed the film. We watched it with subtitles (we didnt know in advance) which made it more surreal, somehow.

Also, Michael Sheen needs to be told he doesnt have to overact in every film. Although the Daft Punk club was cool.

Re: Tronic
Yes, but it bugged me throughout the film: if you're a programme, why do you need entertainment? or food? why do you have emotions? or even a personality? their metaphor is flawed. By which I mean, stupid. The first film did it better.
Re: Tronic
I only saw the first one very recently, it having passed me by in childhood. I thought it was utterly ridiculous, for exactly that sort of reason. The programmes aren't programmes, they're people in funny suits. Tch.
Re: Tronic
I dunno, the ones in the first film did at least have some degree of abstraction to them; they didn't eat or need entertainment. They worked OK as metaphor, if you set your expectations fairly low and squint a bit. In the new film they've extended the metaphor beyond the point where it makes any sense at all. I agree the first film was a bit ridiculous, but I found it interesting and entertaining nonetheless. Not so with this one.
Re: Tronic
Hmm, it just occured to me that the new Tron is a bit more like The Matrix where the programmes are less abstract and more like real characters.
Daft Punk
Hee, did you see in the credits that the two DJs in masks in the club were the actual dudes from Daft Punk?

I like that they used the original Tron dude as well.
Re: Daft Punk
I knew that Daft Punk were cameoing, as every single film site I read has been raving fannishly about it for months. I am also weirded out by how much I enjoyed the music, it's absolutely not my sort of thing, but was rather lovely.
Re: Cyberdude
The problem is he's like the Dude in real life.

His Obadiah Slane in Iron Man wasnt really very dude-ish, though.
Re: Cyberdude
I loved his Obadiah Slane - flatly against type. I think a lot of the Dude references in Tron were completely deliberate attempts to play on audience sympathies. I Am Suspicious Of This Movie.