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You may be aware, as per this post, of the array of kittie-photos on top of the TV cabinet - the full set currently comprises Todal, Golux, Ounce and the late, lamented Fish. Discerning witterers will immediately note the absence of Hobbit, which is because (a) I don't have another one of those frames, and (b) I don't take sufficiently good photos to have one I'd be happy displaying in that august company. (None of them are by me). The Evil Landlord is promising to make me a fifth frame "sometime in the next two years", which at least starts to address (a), and (b) had its hash summarily settled this weekend, when maxbarners of photographic legend and song came around for a Hobbit-focused photoshoot.

I now have 41 Hobbit photos, any one of which would rather more than adequately fill the currently notional fifth frame. This is clearly a tribute to the skill of the photographer, but the sad truth is that I also have a ridiculously photogenic cat. He's cute! He's goofy!

He's really quite devastatingly beautiful. (This one's going onto the TV cabinet).

And he badly needs a LOLcat caption.

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He's so beautiful. One day I will steal him and leave a large ball of floof in his place. You'll never notice.
Re: Luffly
I might, when it doesn't try to trip me up, headbutt my hand while I'm feeding it, or spray the house. (Possibly). Thus your fell plan is doomed to failure.
Several people have asked me that, actually - he does have the thick fur and the ear and foot fluff, and he's appropriately massive. There does seem to be a shape-of-the-face parallel, too. The problem with a stray, though, is that one can't attest to these interesting pedigree possibilities in any way other than speculatively.