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Thursday wol is as tight as one

Yesterday's rhapsodical photos aside, I'm not entirely sure I love my Hobbit very much at the moment. Some thrice-bedamned feline of the male persuasion has sprayed in the house, most notably in my bedroom, which I take rather personally when it means I come home at the end of an eleven-hour day and have to take down and wash the curtains. If it's not Hobbit himself to blame, it's his wimpish failure to employ his considerable bulk in the service of seeing off the intruder, and I am Not Impressed either way. It's also led to the unfortunate situation where I'm burning Baygon pellets in my study not just because unspecified things are eating my ankles, which they are, but because the sweetish chemical pong clogging my sinuses is several steps up from the odour of cat piss. Cat piss is a horribly pervasive smell, and the universal rule is that you'll never actually find the spray point. I need a blacklight. Anyone know who stocks them locally?

On the upside, via boingboing, drunken owl. My love of all things strigine means I am fretting somewhat over the fear that the poor creature might be permanently harmed by its brush with the demon drink, but I love the story - not only because of its literal embodiment of the rather archaic phrase "tight as an owl", but because of the beautiful deadpan of either the police or the reporter, or possibly both.

In other news, eleven-hour days. Orientation starts on Monday. My life is a whirl of paper, email, phone calls, photocopies, organisational crises, orientation leaders and insufficient tea. My recent tweet identified "the kind of week where all my tea gets cold before I can drink it, and I seem to be living entirely on chocolate chip cookies. And nerves." Send dried frog pills, stat. If nothing else, I can feed them to the bloody spraying cat.
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My aunt claims that white wine vinegar and water in a spray bottle will get rid of the cat pong (She has a bunch of strays who appear to be taking over her house).
It's a brilliant remedy, I did wash the curtains and as much of the wall/floor as I could find that ponged, with it. (Spirit vinegar actually works better, it's more neutral, and I think I used cider vinegar being out of white wine vinegar, but fortunately I don't mind my bedroom smelling faintly like a cider brewhouse). But the problem is that there's a spray patch somewhere that I simply cannot isolate, sniff however mother-in-lawishly I will. Maddening.
Drunken wol love!

Cat pee hate!

We have some stuff here called Nature's Miracle, designed specifically to get The Smell out. It works wonders. Should I mail you some?
We also have a local tom that regularly anoints our door, right around the cat flap. He even ventured inside a couple of times to dose the kitchen, but locking the flap at night has kept him at bay. When we go away for the weekend we just cross our fingers!
We use an enzyme-based spray from the vet that works a treat on hard and soft surfaces, but isolating the source is the first step.
Would you have any more luck getting lion poo as fertiliser, to distribute around your entrances?
I've heard this advised, but the advice doesn't always come with a stockist's list...
I feel your pain :(
Our house has a constant faint odour of cat pee. There's a large feralish ginger tom (isn't there always one of those?!) in the neighbourhood that comes in and eats our cats' food and sprays in the house. Our cats then wee on the spot to cover his smell. And we can never find it until we pick up a bag or piece of paper and it's wet. Argh, I'm so tired of it. But we can't close all the windows and keep them indoors or Pandora goes crazy and wees on stuff. It's a wee/wee situation.

Let me know if you can find some lion poo. I'm ready to trap that ginger tom and take him to the pound. I fear that will only provide a gap for a new tom to come stake his "claim".

Sorry. I offer no advice, only commiseration.