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well I could call out when the going gets tough

Week still noxious, and that's quite enough of that. Otherwise I'm going to rant about last-minute venue changes, at length, with profanity and invocations to strange, disagreeable gods, and you'll all leave in entirely understandable disgust. (Except for those weirdos among you who are mildly entertained by profanity and strange, disagreeable gods. I know you're out there, but I refuse to pander to you.)

Instead, I shall randomly disseminate random links which have randomly kept me sane in the last few days.

Superheroes! Superheroes always make me feel better. This picture is beautiful because of the story which attaches to it, which may or may not be apocryphal but is perfect anyway.

Small boy loses parents at a comics convention, panics, approaches the Flash for help because he knows and trusts the character, presumably from comics or cartoons. That's the ideal essence of the superhero right there, that is - the symbol is about trust and agency and the simple, essentially childlike belief that someone out there has the power and is both willing and able to help. The emblem transcends all other concerns, all boundaries between real and imagined. That's as it should be.

And, weirdly enough, Joy Division. Joy Division might not leap to the eye as the perfect pick-me-up, but by gum it's cheery when played by a Caribbean steel band.

They also do Love Will Tear Us Apart, but it's a much shorter and lower quality clip.
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The body language is wonderful - both the kneeling/concentrated stance of the Flash, and the amused/protective Wonder Woman. They're also amazing costumes. Whole thing made me very happy.
Superfast help
Yes, love the picture. The Flash has always been one of my favorite superheroes too.
Re: Superfast help
I actually don't know much about him, bar a fairly amusing guest appearance in a recent Smallville. If that was the Flash. Someone running very fast, anyway. Beat the hell out of Aquaman ;>.
Synchronicity! not only is it absolutely relevant, I printed it out and stuck it on my noticeboard about an hour before you commented :>. All horribly, horribly true. PhD frequently keeps me sane.