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The student query flow, thank heavens, is starting to slow - I seem to have upped efficiency and communication a tad this year, so a lot of admin attempts were correctly located last week instead of illegally this week. Of course, that means last week was unspeakable. Conversely, today was almost conversable. I didn't bite anyone once!

Random linkery is random, because I should really be checking late qualifiers, and don't have time to think up anything meaningful. Just because, Dog Hates Dalek, which I can't embed because LJ hates Flash. What fascinates me is the fact that, even though this is a toy version of an entirely imaginary mechanical creature which goes both backwards and forwards, the dog has still immediately grasped which end is front and which is back, and can thus strategically approach without being EX-TER-MIN-ATEd.

Oh, and the latest MicroFiction efforts are up - they're increasingly inclined to clump at the end of the fortnight, although in my case I plead extenuating circumstances of work hell. I don't like mine much, it was very last-minute and seems a bit facile. Then again, when do I ever like mine? Memo to self, never become a professional writer, the self-loathing would kill me.

In the Department of Grimly Determined Attribution, today's subject line courtesy of Worthless Word For The Day, btw. Yesterday they gave us "steampunk", which seemed curiously redundant.
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I loved yesterday's XKCD; it's on my noticeboard next to the PhD office hours one, and I'm contemplating sending it to all my curriculum advisors ;>.
Ahem, pedant moment approaching...

The quote about goths, brown and steampunk seems to be an internet meme (memette?).
I first encountered it some months ago, IIRC, when I listened to the podcast of a podium discussion between William Gibson and Corey Doctorow, and a one-minute Google search reveals a plethora of possible sources.

It's funny, but impossible to properly attribute.

I'll try and get my pedantry gene to back off now - it's been rampant for a few days as the German copy-and-paste doctorate scandal has unfolded.
Xavier has been blogging about it for a few days, click on his username for the full lowdown! and I mean "low". My academic soul is horrified.
I've been enjoying, in a slightly horrified fashion, your coverage of the plagiarism scandal - as always, I can't imagine how these people think they're going to get away with this sort of thing. Oblivious narcissism is irritating enough in undergrads.

I'm also amused by how fast the "goths discover brown" thing has wriggled into sf fandom - as you say, really impossible to attribute at this stage.
The uniting factors to all of his actions, I think, are the man's incredible arrogance and irrepressible sense of entitlement. For example, he's apparently been using the 'Dr' title for longer than he's actually held his doctorate, and rather than appearing in person at today's hearing in the German parliament (subject: him), he had originally intended to send an underling.

Not so much 'noblesse oblige' as 'noblesse privilège' (though this seems to go down well with a worryingly large number of Germans).