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My car is jerking my chain. I got into it yesterday at lunchtime preparatory to going out for a lunch date, turned the key, and it made a sort of throaty, angsty coughing noise, like Darth Vadar choking on a bread roll, and refused to start. Repeats, threats, sobs, curses and hitting the battery with my shoe had no effect. I staggered back inside (very Sidded again, not quite functional) and cancelled the lunch date in a fit of aargh-can't-deal. This morning I got into the car in a sort of last-ditch attempt to prove conclusively that I wasn't hallucinating before phoning the tow truck, turned the key, and the engine leaped merrily into life with what I can only describe as callous insouciance. It started fine after work today. It remains to be seen whether it will continue to start (a) when I try to go out to my game in about ten minutes, (b) when I try to go home at the end of my game, or (c) in time for work tomorrow. News at 11. I just hope it holds out until I'm on leave on Thursday and Friday, when I can sling it at my tame mechanic without the need to also wend my way campuswards.

In other news, the backlash from two months of insane productivity and absurd hours has raised its inevitable head. (I see a backlash as a sort of purple feline thing with a long tail and an attitude, and a lot of very sharp teeth. It grins.) I did very little at work on Friday, bar the weird politics, and nothing today except for a very dull timetable meeting. Today, I have to be fair, was because I incautiously discovered Questionable Content, and have been trotting through its back archive in a state of high glee and frequent giggling. It's pleasingly off-the-wall, with considerably more of a dark and ironic edge than other favourites like Scary-Go-Round, and I deeply love its hipsterishness and flights of insane fancy. I am also slightly staggered to discover that I probably know the music of approximately half of the bands he references. I think I'm technically too old for indie music cred. On the other hand the writer shares my conviction that Bowie's Outside is a highly underrated album and actually one of his best, so possibly it's an inevitable confluence and I should just relax and go with it.

Now I shall go and spend the evening being a steampunky lady disguised as an actress as part of her plot to become a Pirate Queen. Last session someone gave me a parrot. I have high hopes for tonight.
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Hee! I had no idea you weren't in the Questionable Content loop! (His art improves greatly as the series goes on, and there are some lovely plot twists in there, too).

I'm amused by the fact that the series location is loosely based on a town that's about 1.5 hours from me here in MA.

In my mind's eye, backlashes have prehensile polka-dotted tails and hiss a lot.

Steampunk FTW!
Psychic lady, my mental image of the backlash definitely involved spots. Turquoise spots. I suspect I've been influenced by the mad spotted hat-wearing bear which visits Questionable Content characters when they've been hitting the low-grade bourbon.

I am now mildly saddened that I've never drunk enough to actually hallucinate.
I always throw up before I hallucinate. :-P

I like the bubbles he puts around their heads when they've been drinking, too. My favorite web cartoon EVAR.
Hee! love the mental image. Either a Tayor-Burton romance, or what my dad always called a Mozart ending. It's dead! no, wait, there's yet another coda. Now it's dead. No, wait, twiddly bit. Etc.