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Is it weird that the scenes of Gandalf digging through piles of parchment looking for One Ring info in the LotR movie made me want to be a librarian in Minas Tirith? Because, dear sweet cosmic wossnames do they need one. The dweeb they dug up to talk about athelas in the books is clearly incompetent. I have added to my List of Soothing Mental Exercises For Use In Insomnia the construction of a happy alternate identity becoming Gondor's primary knowledge specialist, and ruling all those piles of parchment with an Inkstained Iron Fist. There may be pauses for hitting very hard on Faramir. (Other Soothing Mental Exercises For Use In Insomnia: Designing Sybil Trelawney's Divination Classes, and Which X-Men Ability Would I Have? [Flying, for a start. A lot of my Superman fixation is about the flight. Which is another reason why Smallville is irking me, but hey, Clark still cute, in that stunned-puppy sort of way]).

This entirely inconsequential post possibly brought to you courtesy of devouring the entire Questionable Content archive since Friday, something that seems to be making me even more vague and lateral than usual. Also, I have a new skirt featuring deep red cherries on a black background. The Dean likes it.

I think I need more tea. I think the five-day weekend I have starting tomorrow, courtesy of a sneaky use of leave time adjacent to a long weekend, is arriving not a moment too soon.

Anyone for Fiasco! this weekend?
On Twitter you said "Have read the entire Questionable Content archive since Friday." Did you read the entire SP archive too? Confused.

Also: flying schmying. I would love to be able to breathe underwater and not implode from depth. In fact, I'd love to be a grindylow but maybe a bit less scary.
Re: Que?
Aargh. Not both, no, merely a moment of complete mental aberration while typing under the influence*. I'm not mad about Something Positive. Have corrected. Silently. Because I'm evil that way. Heh.

I would be totally with you on the swimming thing, except that by definition you'd then be Aquaman, and evidence suggests that Aquaman is simply lame.

* of tea. Or student angst. Or too much questionable content.
Re: Que?
You don't like SP? Not even the boneless cat???

Why is Aquaman lame? There's nothing wrong with being a dolphin-loving sea-hippy (hippo?).
yes indeed you will! have just emailed your excellent husband to confirm, owing to having been a total dweeb and not responded earlier.

I am, as usual, drawing a blank on birthday presents. Please to indicate his favourite baked goods, and I shall construct same? brownies? cake? cookies?
If we're talking Superman abilities, I'd pick the heat vision from my eyes. Think of it, never have to use an oven or microwave ever again.

Although I think they do away with that power in later adventures.

Outside of Supes, I'd go for shape-changing, like Mystique. She's absolutely my favourite X-Men character.

Looking forward to the new film:
It's not really "which current superhero ability would I have", it's more "if I was a mad X-men mutant, what would my abilities be?" It's quite fun to do thematically linked ones. The eye-zappy thing always struck me as Superman's rather silly ability, although the Smallville involuntary-erection jokes are quite amusing.

I, too, am looking forward to the new film. There is a fairly high chance that I'll enjoy it even if it's terrible.
I can't watch Supes romances without the "Man of Steel, Woman of Tissue" essay running through my head (matching visuals provided by my brain for no extra charge).

If you are currently devouring archives, have you considered tackling GirlGenius and/or A Distant Soil? Both rife with graphic novel delights of varied taste.
That essay actually narks me off no end. It's so pleased with itself. And it makes no logical sense.

I adore GirlGenius, I have the whole darned collection courtesy of my Evil Landlord. I wot not A Distant Soil. You interest me strangely. I shall pursue.
Please to be enjoying A Distant Soil. Read it first myself at parochial age of...15?..upon recommendation from beloved icon Wendy Pini and was shocked out of my midwestern american whitebread existence :)
Thanks for signposting Questionable Content! Really enjoying it so far. Although disconcerted to see how dramatically the drawing style changes. I like the style circa #350. Is it weird that I'm developing a crush on Dora? Or that I idly wondered if the Dean fancies your cherries?

Superpowers, glanced at from a certain angle, seem to come down to the power to decide who lives and who dies. I think a few times would be nice, like maybe bringing a car accident victim back to life, healed, in exchange for Gadaffi dropping dead in his tent. But that way madness lies...
Re: thnx
Hah! It is clearly my Duty in Life to point you towards new ways of wasting time on Teh Internets. Glad you're enjoying - he's also apparently a complete metal fan, so the music refs should appeal to you, at least those refs which completely fail to overlap, in the Venn diagram, with the refs that appeal to me ;>.

My desired superhero powers don't usually run to the life-and-death, more to the personal indulgence. Flight. Telepathy. Although my inner fascist would be horribly tempted by the save-a-life at the cost of another (evil) life. I'd swap Mugabe for Terry Pratchett in a heartbeat.
Re: thnx
A metal fan? That explains the Opeth refs! They're supposedly Swedish Death Metal, but listening to this you wouldn't think so.

If you can survive the first 4 minutes or so of demonic ritual then this is also quite mellow in places. Okay, I'm climbing back into my section of the Venn diagram now and shutting up :)