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click click fwoosh

I have a new keyboard and mouse! they are smooth and slick and clicky. I am also totally enamoured of the fact that they are utterly and genuinely cordless and cheerfully read the USB wireless dongle through the desk without need for spaghetti. I seem to have completely missed this development in wireless tech, it was a happy epiphany to hunt with increasing desperation through the packaging for necessary cordy bit, to realise that its absence was a a joyous revelation rather than a cruel joke. In other news, I'm not getting out much at the moment. Does it show?

In an ineffable and recurring conflation of cats and illumination, I have also just bought a combination laser pointer and UV light. The latter is for bumbling around in the dark with, to work out exactly where the maurauding tomcat has sprayed. The former is for purposes of reducing Hobbit to the status of a giant, frenetic and rather galumphing kitten, and me to helpless giggles. On the XKCD principle, laser pointer games may also end up doing for the tomcat in a rather more zappy and science fictional fashion, which is OK by me. That XKCD is my all-time favourite ever, at least until the next one comes along.

It's been raining, off and on, all day. Despite having been diligently taking notes for an insanely intense and difficult meeting all day, and being a tad frayed as a result, I am also given to minor and random outbreaks of a sort of "bop bop prance shuffle hip-wriggle" routine, which is basically the Happy Rain Dance of a Damp Garden. This is astonishingly like Marigold's WoW booty dance, only not as endearingly drawn.

Now I shall go to bed, first stopping to disentwine the Hobbit from my bedside rug, which he's been killing enthusiastically since I started typing. Laser pointers apparently make him hyperactive. Figures.
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That comic takes place in My Towne, the one what I live in, and it took me months of reading it before I realized it. It just endeared the whole cast to me further when I could people watch and try to decide where CoD is and what Martin and Faye et alia are up to. My daughter and I saw them boogying at a They Might Be Giants concert last year. We think.
I totally love the idea of spotting comic denizens at a concert. I envy you that particular insight to the world of Questionable Content, but I have to say it's also completely compelling to a complete outsider, with the added fillip of being a weird, otherworldly environment to a Capetonian ;>.