South Park Self

reproduced without comment...

... today's Daily Voice billboard headline:


Except to add that making the font <big> made me snigger. Apparently I'm eight.

On an only tangentially related note, formatting those angle brackets to show has entailed using the codes for "greater than" and "less than", which is a bit painful at the moment following yesterday's unhappy Dragon Age discovery that (as smoczek knows all too well after hand-holding me through Excel formulae) I'm apparently incapable of distinguishing between them. This makes an astonishingly huge difference when you're setting party tactics to automatically hit the healing if your health drops to <10%. Or, as it transpires, >10%. No wonder I kept on running out of damned healing potions. Sigh. Maths, so not my strong suit.
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I was taught to remember it as a little Pacman-style mouth which would eat whatever value is larger. I still use it. :-)
Re: &gt
No, see, the problem is that I know perfectly well which one is which, causing me to take for granted that I have the right one without actually looking at it properly. If I actually stop to think I'm fine. Life in a nutshell, right there ;>.
Re: &gt
It depends on if you're reading it left to right or right to left.
a > b is the same as b < a. Except that they're said differently.
The actual sign is easy - the larger value is on the larger-looking side.

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Hee, I saw that too. I bet that they have a whole box of headlines like that, just waiting for freak road accidents involving extremely specific cargo. Now some editor can die happy.