South Park Self

Ground Control to Major Tom

In the Department Of The Approximately Three Million Things That Make Me Cry, Earth/orbit flute duets between astronauts and rock dinosaurs are a new acquisition. At least this one doesn't happen routinely. It's also, despite the fact that I cherish no fondness whatsoever for Jethro Tull, incredibly cool. (Via Making Light). Also, hooray for Yuri Gagarin. My geek starsign is The Astronaut.

In other news, I have just spent a happy half-hour searching Penny Arcade for Dragon Age references, the which I now actually get. (Especially this one, which for no adequately defined reason cracks me up.) This is to make up for the fact that EA celebrated my acquisition of my new computer by importing my techno-jinx into its servers, which thereafter refused to recognise my downloaded content (or anyone else's downloaded content) as valid. Sodding DRM. But you have to respect my techno-jinx. It thinks large. The servers are, fortunately, up this morning and my extra content is happily enabled, which is probably just as well as I was at a level of rage and frustration which might have powered the techno-jinx into a re-enactment of Y2K.
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I love him. They totally should've got him to play Thor. I mean, srsly, he already looks the part.

I got Spy. Eh, I dunno. I'm good at Present Conspiracies but that's about it. 00chub, Licenced to Gift :)