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Good lord, but the spam on this LJ account is starting to gain momentum - I'm having to delete it several times a week, which is odd, as I am certainly not a high-traffic site, or even one with a particularly obvious demographic. Strange and random and horribly wholesale are the targetings of marketers. And the spam comments are all completely surreal. I fail to see the purpose of spam which makes some generic, specious and reasonably accurate flattering statement about my beautiful prose, ritually reiterates one word that's a product-related trigger of some sort, and fails to include any linkage or actual product name.

It's been a very odd few days, as you can possibly tell by the uncharacteristic gap in posting. I am, once more, insomniac like whoa and dammit, which means that I have even less brain than usual and a tendency to utterly forget important things, like, e.g. to bring up to campus this morning all the work I did at home on Friday. Or to finish or post a Micfic. My level of stun has been entirely appropriate for bumbling around Ferelden hitting darkspawn very hard and with a sort of meditative calm (or, in fact, hitting on companions very hard and in a spirit of amused experimentation), so thank heavens for Dragon Age. I certainly haven't been appropriate for much else.

The oddness of the last few days may, in fact, have been triggered by, or at least be perfectly exemplified in, our Thursday night Fiasco! game, which managed to infest a small Kansas motel with love triangles, obsessive Pony Express subplots, teen pregnancy, wild and rather hit-or-miss badger-acquisition schemes, librsa's completely bizarre and beautifully deadpan immortal eccentric, and a Family Secret about circuses and super-strength. (My character hoarded all the white dice and then rolled ridiculously well for a good outcome, and ended up finding happiness as a superhero called Padlock). I do like this game.

It was also a reasonable herald to the weekend's levels of odd: I'm possibly also very tired (and hence, paradoxically, insomniac) because our Cherished Institution ran its open day on Saturday, and I spent five hours solid giving advice to confused Matrics and talks to giant crowded lecture theatres. This was on top of Friday night's shindig to celebrate the professional oath-taking of the students in one of our department's programmes, to which I was invited rather pointedly because of the curriculum work I do with the programme. It transpires that the pointed invite was so that they could haul me up on stage for a Special Award for, apparently, input and patience and keeping them honest. In the Great List of Completely Blindsided Moments in my life, it's currently ranking slightly below the Evil Landlord giving me a netbook for my birthday. Did not see that coming at all. May have simply gasped incoherently, like a goldfish, in place of a thank-you speech. Am somewhat gratified that the Dean was in the audience being forced to notice that I am apparently doing a Good Job. Also, it's entirely fortuitous that none of the incidences of me losing patience badly at peak times of the year have apparently been in the context of the programme. Lucky, that.

Now I shall write a micfic, because I am being Haunted by the Spectre of Stv's Eyebrows. Aargh.
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Re: I'd just like to thank the Academy...
Thank you! It was very weird, and mostly I feel I am to be congratulated for not having channelled Questionable Content and simply sat in my seat going "muh uh buh wha?" when they announced it.