South Park Self


The above being the noise of:

  1. Rain on the roof. And on the laundry on the line until I remembered to bring it in, in the middle of the morning's Easter wafflefest with the Usual Suspects. I'm still full. But happy, and happily aware of the garden being happily damp.

  2. Me hitting a very large, very fat mosquito very hard at 3.23am this morning, which was the time I woke up randomly and couldn't get back to sleep for two hours. Part of this was the irritating jet-fighter whine, the other part was because my sinuses were in a state of revolt, probably because I incautiously attended a braai. My body hates me, which is OK, because I hate it right back.

  3. Me hitting darkspawn very hard with a very large blade that's all coruscating with electricity and also randomly paralyses opponents at intervals. Dragon Age is still eating my life. I'm ok with that. Also, one of my companions has a pet nug called Schmooples. This makes me giggle like a loon quite often.

  4. Superheroes hitting things, possibly with other things. You can probably narrow the sound effect by referring to this handy chart.

Must sleep now. Happy Easter!
Giddy Charting
I've just purchased DA2, waiting patiently for it to arrive before I squirrel myself away from the world for two weeks. And, your chartery is amazing - my colleagues scoffed at my amazement. Sillies.