South Park Self

Freckles and doubt

Have threatened to get one of these things for months. Have finally succumbed, mostly in response to my high background levels of ongoing guilt at not mailing people. Hello, people. Please accept this in lieu of actual personal e-mails at all other times when I'm not actually mailing you. Which is often.

First, a rant. LiveJournal will only allow a 15-letter username, no symbols other than numbers. This means I couldn't be freckles&doubt, which I wanted, or even frecklesanddoubt, and freckleanddoubt just looked silly. Thus my tragic Dorothy Parker fixation goes unpandered to, other than in the fact that this username, i.e. extemporanea, is from a different Dorothy Parker poem. I'm sure frustration is all very good for me on some uber moral level. And I am Marie of Roumania.

So, Major Purposes Of This L-J:
1. To assuage guilt, see above.
2. To assuage irritation at only being able to post anonymously to lots of other people's blogs.
3. To give frequent updates on amount of writing I am actually doing, and thus guilt self into activity.
4. While simultaneously cunningly avoiding actual work by having new environment for waffle.
5. The usual narcissism.

Have evidently been galvanised into action by the fact that Cape Town is currently dripping, in a pleasantly damp fashion, on my arid garden. What's with this damned Capetonian trend towards mutating to highveld climates? I blame global warming.

Actual amount of chapter wrestled with the past week: not much. Actual amount of ShadowMagic played: ridiculously high. Will be bloody, bold and resolute, and unafraid of feminists.
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