South Park Self

the victims have been bled

Today I have:

  1. Interviewed 22 potential orientation leaders, most of whom were lovely and restore my faith in human nature at least partially;

  2. Given two lectures, comprising (a) a brisk discussion of the iniquities of Facebook, (b) a quick jaunt around the highly gendered socio-cultural resonances to the terms "slut" and "man-whore" and (c) a dissection, in fascinated detail, of the nasty chat-room-sex scene from Closer;

  3. Made four separate cups of tea, none of which I had time to finish before they went cold;

  4. Realised, midway through all of the above, that I completely omitted to post a Micfic last night, and didn't bring the damned thing up to campus so I can post it now;

  5. Done all of the above on slightly over four hours of sleep, as a result of a hideously insomniac night characterised by (a) a really odd dream waking me up at 1am so that I only got back to sleep around 2, (b) a persistent mosquito waking me up at 3am so that I only got back to sleep at around 5, and (c) the alarm waking me up at 7 with a distressing finality I can only feebly resent owing to concomitant lack of brain.

Tomorrow should be better; only 18 OLs to interview (unless more schedule before then, which they probably will), and one lecture. I shall face them on (a) more sleep, courtesy of those nice pills the nice doctor lady gave me, and (b) Red Bull, which I haven't had time to procure today.

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I thought you said you were interviewing only 18 OWLs tomorrow, and I cheered for you because, really, owls in any number is wonderful, and then I figured it out.

good sleeping....
I can't help feeling that owls would be rather good interview candidates. They project a sort of solemn wisdom that would be reassuring in a potential employee.