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a blustery day

Oh, hooray, winter is here! Cape Town has been banging and flapping for several days, apparently in a spirited attempt to blow away to sea entirely. The garden is full of drifts of dead leaves, twigs, branches, and the top third of the small tree outside the garden wall, which blew over during the weekend. (I'm sad about that. I like that tree. It's a small, quiet, retiring sort of herbaceous creature with lovely dark leaves and an attractive shape. I hope it survives its involuntary deforestation.) It's also been bucketing with rain; outside my window as I type there's the traditional water-going-past-horizontally thing with which the Cape is wont to while away its winter months. Hobbit and Golux have celebrated the winter by reaching enough of a detente to sleep on my bed at the same time, which means my back is perpetually a bit stiff from contorted kitty-accommodating sleeping postures. Hobbit's a sprawler.

It's all good. I love this time of year. Clearly the buckets of rain was all that was necessary to hoick me out of the homicidal tendency to loathe the world in general and everyone in it in particular: I'm feeling much less misanthropic. This is surprising, as last night's spaghetti bolognaise session in honour of friendly_shrink and the Usual Suspects entailed enough wine that I had a mad insomnia attack at 4am, and have had precisely four hours of sleep. Fortunately the Dear Little Students, possibly in remorse at the droves of them that pestered me last week (including 23 who turned up in the last two hours before the 4pm course change deadline on Wednesday), have shown neither hair nor hide this morning. Sensible gazelles.

I remembered my umbrella. There's a heater on my feet. The tea supplies are holding out. I'm playing the Decemberists. I submitted my Microfiction on time. No-one has knocked on my door all morning. I don't have to do anything this evening. Happiness is a simple creature.
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Crane Wife is my favourite.

I saw them live a few months ago; mostly stuff off their newest album The King is dead which is rather Folk-y.

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Hazards of Love is a rather bizarre listening experience when on random on my i-pod...the tracks starting and stopping as they do--in the middle :-)

Rox in a box (from the king is dead), is great...and Valarie Plame always makes me smile.

I must definitely acquire The King is Dead, I seem to be inclining more and more to the folky in my old age. But Decemberists are highly textured listening, I go through phases when I don't want to listen to anything else.
What I love about folk is the story telling aspect, and the Decemberists do have that troubadour, wandering minstrel element to them--but they sometimes tell very current stories...such as Valerie Plame. They seem to allude to the Child Ballads but I don't recognise any direct interpretations.

Totally unrelated but one of my favourite folk interpretation of a Child Ballad is Cruel Sister by Pentangle.

I like it when I get story, a song and a cautionary tale all at the same time :-)