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I'm still all wibbly and glandular from the sinus infection, and am moreover wading through third-year exam marking on internet eroticism. The gazelles are being thoughtful and articulate about Facebook, and betray woeful ignorance about even the most basic features of Twitter. I thought it was the young folk who were supposed to grativate to the attention-deficit stuff. Odd. Anyway, as a result of all of the above I have very little brain, so this post is a bit towards the random linkery side of things.

  • We had a truly lovely meal on Thursday night, at Park's Menu, the Korean restaurant in Durban Rd. My Salty Cracker review is here. They are criminally underattended, the place was almost empty, and it's tragic, because the food is excellent and the vibe is wonderful. Go ye forth, all ye local witterers, and dine there often. It's also ridiculously good value for money.

  • Just for first_fallen, Say It With Llamas. Llamas are oddly adorable.

  • Lev Grossman in defence of genre. He makes intelligent points. I hadn't put two and two together about the Modernists, but I can absolutely see it, they were instrumental in creating that sense that story and genre are illegitimate literary pursuits. It strikes me that this is probably why I never liked the Modernists.

  • MicFic is coming to an end, so this is my last one. I am sad. While the discipline of a short piece every two weeks has brought my various Godzilla-like hang-ups about writing bounding out of the woodwork beating their chests, I've also enjoyed it and it's been very good for me. Woe.

Tonight the Usual Suspects, in the safety and comfort of our kitchen, are going to try and concoct something resembling crispy Chinese duck with pancakes. Don't try this at home, kids.
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Re: Squee!!!
I have to say that as a font it's not exactly legible. Maybe alpacas would be more legible?

(Is that how you spell legible? It looks all wrong. But I'm not quite on this planet today, so maybe it's only wrong where I am).
Korean food
I am (necessarily) a convert to Korean food. Although my chilli tolerance is relatively low and I'm allergic to shrimp, there is still enough variety to keep me happy. Also, kimchi and ssambap are excellent.
Re: Korean food
It's pretty tasty! Especially in a type of pancake, absolutely delicious, and in chocolate. Eaten in chunks straight out of the jar it can be a bit overwhelming.
Re: Korean food
I dunno, we were eating it in chunks straight out of the bowl, and I loved it. It's definitely Asian and funky, not to mention bitey. With a good bite.
Re: Korean food
I am really, really impressed by the generalities of Korean cuisine, at least as I've experienced them so far - the spicing is lovely and the tendency to low fat/high veggie/not too much cooking makes me very happy. I shall have to pursue the kimchi thing further, too. Yum.