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an extremely idiosyncratic interpretation of "girly"

Why is LJ only displaying one comment on any post? Too weird. I feel as though I'm on a strictly-enforced diet or something. You may only have ONE! I darkly suspect the laughable university bandwidth. (OK, a brief, random, 90-second power cut has apparently sorted them out. Shorted them out. Whatever).

In other news, I love Joanna Russ. I've just acquired, via the magic of interlibrary loan, a copy of her book of feminist criticism, which rejoices in the title of Magic Mommas, Trembling Sisters, Puritans and Perverts and has a cover in blushing shades of pink and purple. Given the subject matter, this offers a level of incongruity which is making me giggle. She places her finger, with her characteristic acerbic accuracy, on the disquiet I feel with the whole cultural machinery which expects women to wear make-up, heels and other artificial beauty ages as an index of worth or (in a business context) seriousness. Her comment: "What [this] also always means is giving off signals of the availability of your energies, time, emotions, and resources to men, that is, your loyalty to the patriarchal order" (p. 13). I really, really feel this about make-up, in particular. I feel like I'm subscribing to the patriarchal newsletter.

Hmm, I still haven't seen Thor, owing to near-terminal hermitage, and am thinking of trundling off to the Waterfront this evening or tomorrow evening for the 8pm show before it vanishes off circuit. It seems like the kind of Action Popcorn movie that should be seen big-screen. Any takers? Or do I exercise the Solitary Splendour again, not without girly glee? I like watching movies with friends, but I also like watching them on my own. There are, as they say, no actual down sides here.
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