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docs in socks

A few catch-up post-hospital points:

  • Those of you planning to take aspirin on long haul flights as a DVT preventer, please reformulate your plans. Two separate and unaffiliated doctors have now told me that aspirin is not effective in thinning venous blood, it tends to have more effect on the arteries, which are not implicated in DVT. If you're really worried you need to take Clexane two days before you travel, but mostly that's prescribed for people who've already faced the DVT affliction. Like me. The socks are effective, but they're most effective in conjunction with moving around often/doing the foot exercises, which are the things you really need to do.

  • Apparently Hobbit needs about five days to Express his Miff at my three-week absence. He suddenly agreed that I actually existed around Wednesday, and has spent a lot of the subsequent days asleep on the cushioned footstool next to my gammy foot, one paw resting on it in a proprietorial fashion. I'm not sure if the improvement in the hobbling is related or coincidental, but I'm a lot more mobile and in far less pain than I was a week ago.

  • Immobilisation from DVT is apparently the necessary motivator to actually getting around to ordering a wireless modem for the house, which means I can look up things on IMDB with Winona while watching TV. Score. Once I've set it up, that is.

  • The improvement in the leg to the point where I can actually sit at the computer for any length of time is absolutely correlated with a sudden rediscovery of my incomplete Dragon Age II game. Huzzah.

  • Things they actually don't tell you while you're flat on your back with a pulmonary embolism: survival rate for the damned things is about 50%. I got lucky.
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50%? Hmm, I found much smaller stats on the internet when I went looking. however, mine was desultory sort of looking whereas your research is probably a lot more targetted. Gosh. So we were right to be worried. Becasue we were, you know.

Also, docs in socks I get.