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Bleah. Talking to my nice therapist lady this morning about various Stupid Ex-Boyfriend Incidents way back in the mists of time (disclaimer: applies to no-one who's reading this) has put me into a profound depression for most of the day. Either that or the increase in my Warfarin dose has made me draggy and tired. Apparently my blood remains determined to clot madly, recking not the insane quantities of anti-coagulant we apply to it. Adds whole new dimensions to "bloody-minded". I contemplate with a certain quiet smugness the fact that it can't make my hair any worse owing to how I cut it all off.

Since I'm uninspired, and have moreover not much to talk about owing to the tight correspondence between my return to work and my return to Dragon Age II (the "Escape My Life At Any Cost" clause; newsflash, plotting still irritating and inadequate, romance options mostly insulting to right-thinking female players, but can I stop playing? noooooo1), I fall back into random linkery. These will be familiar to those of you who retain any consciousness whatsoever of my Delicious feed.

Hmmm. Apparently the entire upbeat content of my life has migrated to the internet. I console myself that it's better than no upbeat content at all.

1 Looking at that parenthesis, to the hypothetical question "Does that apply to Dragon Age or my life", I am forced to answer "yes".

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Indeed you may. Particularly since the mere fact of you making the request has caused me to order it off Loot; it should be here in a week or so. I'll let you know when I've motored through it, probably via the medium of blogging a review.
I got over my Stupid Ex-Boyfriend Incidents (including violence, STDs, commitmentphobes, a miscarriage and an unexpected pregnancy--I frequently date's my thing) by engaging my competitive nature: if I let stupid ex-boyfriends continue to influence my life then they win. There can be no winning for ex-boyfriends. If the need to win doesn't work...imagining them be tortured by amazonians with pointy sticks, I hear that can also work. I hope your blood become more coperative with you and less so with itself...bad blood. Maybe more gin will help with the thinning ;-)
Good lord. Thank you for the sharp dose of perspective. I'm running through my version, which tops out at compulsive infidelity, emotional unavailability and depression, and am suddenly a lot more inclined to count my blessings.

My Stupid Ex-Boyfriend Incidents don't really influence my life in any daily sense, it's just mildly painful and depressing to revisit that time, i.e. the one when I was a Certifiable Idiot, or even more of one than I am now. I wish I could take your gin advice; my nice doctor has restricted me to a glass of wine a day while I'm be-Warfarined, so I'm off the gin until the end of the year. New Year's Eve is probably going to be indiscreet ;>.
I tossed all my diaries a few weeks ago. No more records of ex-boyfriends, or the deep, dark abyss I typically plunged into when breaking up with them. Cathartic, I tell you :).

Also, if either one of my children even gets really famous and people suddenly become interested in documenting their family life, I didn't want those bits to be documentable ;p.