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Steak night tonight! We went to the Hussar, our local steak hang-out of choice, to top my mother up with steak before she heads back to the UK on Wednesday. Apparently British beef tends to the awful. I am very full of Madagascar green peppercorn steak, which will content my vague red meat cravings for the next six months or so. But I notice the Hussar now serves emu, as a result of the unlikely fact that a friend of the chef has an emu farm in the Cape Town environs.

Us, to waitress, with vague interest: "What's the difference between emu and ostrich?"
Waitress, deadpan: "I'm not sure, actually. Perhaps emu steak has an Australian accent?"

I have the feeling she'd been practising that line.

I am, of course, utterly unable to think of emu these days without thinking of Bradley Cooper, as a result of a perfectly evil-minded Pajiba running joke:

I am also quite ridiculously tired at the moment, to the point of incoherence; I spent twenty minutes in the restaurant trying to remember the Doctor Who quote about "timey wimey stuff" - now that all use for it has passed, I am of course know perfectly well that he talks about "wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff". It's important because of the "Latin" motto on the new Wil Wheaton-designed T-shirt for the Fighting Timelords of Gallifrey University, which of course reads "Wibblus Wabblum Tempus Wempus". For some reason this cracked me up completely, although, as I said, I'm very tired. Possibly the rare steak will help, if only to top up the iron levels in my Warfarinerated blood.
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Hm. If your mother (or you) are ever in London, she should look up a restaurant called Hawksmoor. The cow is excellent, so I'm told.

I've seen an emu up close. They're exactly like ostriches, only different.