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When I went to see my doctor last week in re the exhaustion levels, I subliminally expected her to tell me to buck up, stop whinging and simply get on with my life, taking it slightly easy if at all possible until I'd regenerated some health. (It's easier in Dragon Age). The result of her unexpectedly concerned response is to somehow have given me permission to be ill: "take a week and a half off work" appears to have allowed me to stop pretending I'm not exhausted all the time, as a result of which I'm rather more than semi dead and very, very glad I don't have to drag myself up to campus. The mind is an odd thing. Also, her image choice ("you're starting to live off your capital") is really sticking with me in an extremely cautionary way. Things To Do This Week: rest. Also, wrestle boss in re extended leave.

Since ill health is boring, have some linkery of various degrees of joyous-makingness, depending on your personal proclivities.

  • For dance fans, fashion fans and fans of very nifty editing, this ad may hit your buttons with the cheerful octopoid multitudinosity with which it hits mine.

  • For players of Dragon Age II, particularly the girly ones, Fenris cosplay! Amazing costume, and the dude has the necessary level of elven emaciation going, but I have to say, the I Have My Arm Around Felicia Day Effect notwithstanding, he's way too cheerful for strict verisimilitude.

  • For music lovers of approximately the same vintage as me, and/or who cherish a fondness for 80s dance music, Goth or New Wave, She Wants Revenge. I had never heard of She Wants Revenge before matociquala linked it. How did that happen? It's like Bauhaus mated with Sisters of Mercy and had the offspring raised by Depeche Mode. It seem to make it slightly redundant to have actually gone through the 80s.

In other slightly happy-making news, the problem with Winona seems actually to be the On switch. If I dig my fingernails under it I can persuade the thing to switch on for about five seconds and start to boot up, although it won't stay on. I don't want to fiddle any further because the rapid on/off cycling can't be good for the hard drive, but at least I have a diagnosis, if not a solution.
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She Wants Revenge sounds cool. I haven't seen them. They remind me a little of Tying Tiffany who I have seen.

I use Spotify to dial up any music that I can name. It's futuristic. Right now I'm playing lots of Also retro-futuristic, but I do like lyrics like I want to upgrade from my simple 8 bits, but will you still love me when I'm 64?
Hmmm, Tying Tiffany are interesting. Kinda like really speeded up Bauhaus, but a mite too frenetic for my taste, at least that one track you linked.

Clever lyrics make the world go round. Hence my addiction to Magnetic Fields.
Thanks for the pointer, I also hadn't heard of She Wants Revenge, but am now getting into it thanks to iTunes. Very retro-80's New Order meets Depeche Mode. What do they call it?
New New Wave? ;)
Their Wikipedia page suggests that they allow fans to categorise them as "dark wave", although one feels the band's eyebrow is ironically lifted at the idea. As is, in fact, mine :>.