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random Wednesday is random

Or, Three Things Make A Post.

  1. It has occurred to me that the condition for Dragon Age's easy health regeneration is simply that you have to kill all your enemies. I'm wondering if this has real-world application. Right now, for easy health regeneration I'd be willing to become a ninja assassin. If I had the energy for rappelling down buildings, which I don't. Sigh.

  2. I am completely enamoured of the new Firefox tab grouping system. Suddenly my Giant Tab List Of Doom looks all neat and structured and minimalist, and I can hide the shame of the near-infinite list of computer game quest walkthroughs, while still being able to consult them at a click.

  3. I trundled off, dazed but determined, and saw Captain America yesterday. The default state of this year's superhero movie seems to be Cute And Fluffy, and Captain America falls very much into the Thor category - bland, inoffensive story featuring slightly bland, inoffensive superhero. The default state of this year's male superhero seems to be in some sense antiheroic: they always have to be decontextualised figures, fish out of water trying desperately to make sense of an overwhelming alien environment. Thor on Earth. Steve Rogers on a propaganda stage or in the future. Hal Jordan out in the galaxy. They no longer celebrate effortless agency, it has to be hard-won. Since the default state of this year's Extemporanea Brain is towards the cute and fluffy, I rather enjoyed the movie (particularly the 40s period feel, and wossname, Chris Evans does a good job of a sort of geeky good-ol'-boy innocence, and the nifty shield uses are unexpectedly beguiling), but I mourn the iron-clad physical and/or moral certainty of Superman or Batman.

    Also, the default state of this year's bad guys seems to be shiny Nazi jackboots. What's with that?

Now I have to go and unwrap the Hobbit from the new kelim (well, old kelim, new to me, courtesy of friendly_shrink) in my study, a frenzied desire to disembowl which he has apparently conceived the instant I put it down. Dear little kitties.
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