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We ran Attack of the Vapours, our insane 24-person parody LARP, for the latest generation of university roleplaying types last night. As a result I'm pretty much dead, but it was fun, and the players did very well. Some really good roleplayers beautifully in character, and a lot of attention paid to costume and prop. Memo to self: always put a costume box onto LARP character sheets in the future. Yes, there will be a future. I haven't written LARPs in far too long, and I have two half-finished and one in concept form which I really want to do. I may noodle around with them during this break. It'll make a pleasant change from the academic papers, even if the academic papers are mostly Miyazaki and Harry Potter.

I have to say, though, Vapour's yearbook photo is annotated "LARP most likely to make me wonder vaguely if my firm conviction that I've never done drugs is actually correct". It was written by a team of four of us in a series of 9am Sunday morning design sessions, and it's insane. It has evil sex twins, and polar-bear fixations, and trained killer attack throwing Pomeranians, and a Sinister Philatelist Subplot which results in the existence of stamps such as the Gawungafingi Badger-Black and the Spasmodic Flying Squirrel. It also rejoices in ranked ability cards which range from "Anyone for tennis?" to "This is not, in fact, the case". Contemplating the ravages wrought by Rudy with the latter brings a tear of joy and pride to my eye. The front page of the LARP explicitly instructs players to use the ability cards in creative and horrifying ways the designers couldn't possibly predict, and wow, did they ever.

I'm also dead because of unexpected root canal on Friday, which tends to leave me feeling as though I've been beaten with clubs. I have a wonderful dentist who has the superpower of giving injections I can't actually feel at all, but the vibrations cause me to clench every muscle in my body until I'm levitating off the chair, and not to relax for at least twelve hours. However, two out of three roots are thoroughly, patiently and meticulously drilled, and the assault on the third is only to come in about a month, by which time my jaw may have unclamped. Hooray.

I should also mention that I'm totally addicted to the one She Wants Revenge album I actually possess, which is Valleyheart (the earlier albums arrive from Amazon shortly), and which is channelling Bauhaus, Depeche Mode and Joy Div in strict rotation. It's poppy and retro and totally derivitive and it makes my little fangirly 80s heart go pit-a-pat.
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Attack of the Vapours was the first LARP I ever played, and I often think of it fondly (with hysterical giggling). I'm so glad that it's still around; it is a thing of extreme joy.

I believe that we gave Cara your role this time - as I recall, you were Princess Anemone? Good times...

A little worrying that Vapour was your first LARP, it's really designed to take the mickey out of LARP conventions so technically works better if you, you know, actually know the LARP conventions... But I'm glad it was a good experience anyway. Who were the other players, do you remember?
In some ways it made the perfect introduction to LARPing, since it gave me a short sharp lesson that GMs will often respond well to completely insane, but plausible, scenarios ;-) Admittedly my second LARP, the bunker LARP, was a bit of a shock.

Jo (obviously), wolverine_nun, bumpycat (Barracuda!), Jeanne and Andrew H-S(?) are some of the other players I seem to remember. Since I didn't actually know anyone from CLAWs (apart from Jo) then, there were probably many more of the usual suspects that I only met in civillian life some time later.
Ah, the vintage Jo-as-Evil-Sex-Twin running. No wonder you remember it fondly, it was ... memorable. I remember bumpycat doing Barracuda, poor man, he got all adorably frustrated. And Andrew as Forester Plunge - he was all narked on Saturday because he was DMing and we'd updated the character with new skills since he played. I think we may have had rumint as Glyph, he and Andrew HS were our go-to players for the dominant plotty types. I should really keep player lists from all these iterations, if only for nostalgia purposes.
I remember Barracuda aaalll too well. I may forgive you some day ;)

I also have very strong memories of Jo-as-Evil-Sex-Twin O_o
If Barracuda in any iteration ever forgives the designers, something has gone horribly wrong. He didn't seem too resentful in this one, possibly because the rest of the players never worked out the actual use of the "yes I do, Barracuda" cards. Alas.
I don't actually like LARPing, but I really really enjoyed Vapours. Attack pomeranians FTW!