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cat is smiling in the sun

Being at home is lovely. I'm beginning to almost start to feel as though I may be slowly developing a grip on beginning to feel rested. But a continual home presence is also making me realise that I'm a mere amateur in the taking-it-easy stakes. Damn, but cats spend 90% of their lives asleep. It's beautiful spring weather, starting to become hot outside (insert ritual cursing here), but the house is still cool, being a high-ceilinged edifice shaded by trees and facing the wrong way. (A fact which annually saves my sanity during the February heatwaves). The cats are thus moving only to follow the sunbeams around.

The Evil Landlord considers this room to be his library. I consider it to be the guest room. The cats regard it as their own personal sun-room. Most days there are three of them on the bed.

Hobbit, on the other hand, has a different approach. Since the ridiculous thickness of his fur renders sunbathing redundant, his daily routine entails being as close to human company as possible. I won't let him sleep between me and the computer, his favourite spot, so he has appropriated the stool+cushion arrangement on which I used to elevate my leg in those giddy post-hospital days, and which I have neglected to disassemble owing to his fondness for it. It operates as a sort of feline throne: I think the care with which he centres himself on the cushion is perfectly self-conscious.

I now return to my morning's activity, which entails drifting around in a vague sort of way as I wait for the nice policeman to arrive and interview me about my burglar, who the nice police have caught. Hooray! But it's weird how difficult it is to settle to any productive activity while you're waiting for the doorbell to ring.
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Yay, police!

Yay, sunspots and sleeping feline overlords!

You know, you don't NEED to be productive. There's nothing wrong with spending the morning being vague.

I took that as permission, nay, a direct instruction, to spend the afternoon being vague as well. Then I vaguely watered my plants, and spent the evening watching Eureka. It was a lovely day :>.
The EL and I always used to refer to those as "strongly worded suggestions". :) I'm glad you took it as such and had a 100% vague and relaxing day! I strongly suggest you have a lot more of them, without guilt.
Good lord, what a perfectly lovely piece of vocabulary "ottoman" is. I had completely forgotten about it. Thank you! "Hobbit on the ottoman" is quite ridiculously euphonious.
The "spare" room
Ha, the library/guest room...I have one of those. In addition to a floor to ceiling book case (which I built) it has a very nice leather sofa bed (fulfilling its guest room designation) but meaning it also doubles as kids lounge when I have guests; my spare mac is in there so officially for tax purposes it is my study...and as attempting to drying washing out doors in Tassie is futile and there is already a dehumidifier in there for the books I also use it for drying laundry. No other room in my house is so multi-faceted in its usefulness...go the junk room!
Re: The "spare" room
I have one of those! It used to be the stockroom/guest room/laundry drying room. Since selling my business it's just the guest room/laundry drying room, with a side helping of Elfling play space. (I had vague ideas of setting up her train tracks there, but no, those apparently *have* to go right behind my desk chair. Still, the other room is good for pottering.) It is also home to Doreen, my dressform.