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strawberryfrog pointed me to We Buy Any Cat, a beautifully pointless site which gave me a fit of the giggles. It's the questions they ask. Has your cat ever been in an accident? Does it have a service history? What is the state of its bodywork? Is it in running condition, or does it only trot to the foodbowl?

They do not have a high opinion of Hobbit's worth, which is OK, because he has a perfectly high opinion of his own worth, and obviously his is the opinion that counts. has valued my cat at £8.77 has valued my cat at £8.77.

For some reason Golux is more valuable. Hobbit, of course, would disagree. has valued my cat at £10.87 has valued my cat at £10.87.

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Re: Cats4Gold
That's the other end of the business model. They buy cats and sell them on for gold. Profit!

For extemporanea's benefit, I should have explained that there is a similar but larger business in the UK that deals in motor vehicles. The adverts are v. annoying - the company name is the slogan. Similarly, there is a "cash for gold" business.

One of my friends had his cat valued at £40,77 because a) she is Basement Cat, and b) she was posing in an empty beer case.

Hobbit better not be worth less because of ranga prejudice...ranga prejudice is very pervasive...fanta cats are just as cuddly as regular cats.