South Park Self

i aten't dead

... just resting. Very bad week for fatigue, I'm floating around the house in a state of more or less stunned and unable to parry, while feeling as though someone socked me in the left cheekbone. (Had tooth extracted on Friday. Ow.) I have managed to successfully avoid marking, sewing, gardening, paper-writing, learner's licence booking, odd bits of work, and most foods that require chewing, together with pretty much anything else that requires actual energy, since about Thursday. On the upside, the LJ bar has a beautiful Hallowe'en night sky with bats, a whole stash of superhero DVDs arrive tomorrow, and the third upgrade to our ADSL cap in five days means internet is restored, too. (Being at home is hell on the bandwidth, even before the EL screws with my careful self-rationing by downloading the .net framework).

I have various posts planned, including a Cat Valente review, a random analysis of U2 and several other flavours of what have you, but today is not that day. Today is the day I once again veg out in front of a random fluffy movie and go to bed early. Sorry.

Anyone else done anything interesting lately? The whole world cannot possibly be as boring as I am ...
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Well, to be exact, .NET framework and a whole bunch of sundries. A couple of hundred mg. He's designing computer games in his free time at home :>.
Has Tintin come out there yet? I thought it was pretty good.