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wayward puppy is wayward

Last night I dreamed that Nathan Fillion, who I met accidentally in town, distracted me from preparing properly for my practical Geology exam. When I rushed home just before the exam to pick up pens and glance through my notes, the house had been sealed off by the municipality, who were fumigating by means of chunks of blue glowing stuff. I never found the exam venue, I got lost wandering around a campus that looked more like the Skyrim city of Solitude.

No, I have no idea, either.

The Legendary Boxing Day Braai was lovely! thank you to all the lovely people who attended, and brought ridiculous amounts of food, and held ridiculous conversations, and nobly refrained from laughing at me when I accidentally scattered blueberries all over the kitchen. I had a blast. Unfortunately my Weird Post-DVT Legs had a bit of a hissy fit at all the standing, and are sore and swollen, although to be perfectly fair they used to do that even Pre-DVT. It's official, my feet are simply weird. I trotted them around the Common this morning in revenge. Exercise is supposed to be good for them.

Also, is it just me or do all the Small Spawn Of Friends in my immediate vicinity have beautiful manners? They charmed the hell out of the Evil Landlord's mother. I'm glad she was there, it was a sort of token gesture at making up for the absence of my own mother, who I missed, as did several other people. It's not the same without her. On the other hand, the legendary mantle of my mother's clean-up ability appears to have descended on me, I have wrought mightily upon the devastation, and the house is spotless.

Right, back to Skyrim! Am playing through a second time, this time with a Nord, and a grim determination not to ever use fast travel. It's amazing how much it changes the feel and logic of the game, and gives one a far more vivid, immediate and detailed sense of the map. Also, horses make a lot more sense. However, while the avowed purpose of this playthrough is to join the Stormcloak Rebellion rather than supporting the Empire, currently I can't bring myself to do it because Ulfric is such a filthy racist sod. I suspect my reluctance may also have a bit to do with (a) Lawful Good, and (b) the high levels of atheism in my make-up. Part of the reason for the rebellion is because the Empire have sold out to the Elves and won't let the Nords worship their elevated god-human Talos. I can't seem to get behind the religio-patriotic rage with any conviction. However, I am experiencing an indecent amount of kick at being an archer.
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Thanks for the braai, it was fabulous. I had a lovely time. As for spawn, I imagine most of that was pumeza's eldest who has poise beyond her years. I ertainly ccan't imagine it was either my shy one or my wild one.

Thanks again :)
I'm glad you enjoyed it, I certainly did! I think the main agent of beautiful manners was actually khoiboi's offspring, who has a sort of quaint courtesy which is lovely to watch, but your two appeared to be somewhat inspired by her. And even without Emmification, whether shy or wild, they're never rude. They can visit any time :>.
Aargh, you completely misread me. I meant that they also have lovely manners, if not quite at the level (and, to be perfectly fair, the age/sophistication) of Emma's rather mannered courtesies. When I said that all of our friends offspring have beautiful manners, I really meant it.
So glad it's not just me. It does exert a dreadful pull. I haven't done any of the things I should have done over the holiday period... sigh. On the other hand, I'm level 32 on the second playthrough and still haven't used fast travel with this character, so am feeling smug. And rather inch-by-inch hack-and-slash.