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welcoming in the New Year, New Year's Eve

By way of dancing upon the aged and recumbent corpse of 2011 in an appropriately upbeat fashion, herewith Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, Prince and Princess of Whimsyquirkalicious, being, frankly, adorable.

Surprise! Ms Deschanel has a lovely voice, which seems ideally suited to the vintage of the song. JGL is perfectly competent, but gets by mainly on charm. JGL always gets by on charm.

Tonight we are having a medium to small select dinner with a medium to small and select bunch of people, which has become our annual gesture in defiance of Giant New Year Celebrations. 2011 has been in many ways a complete bugger, and adorable celebrity duets notwithstanding, I shall trample its corpse with righteous satisfaction and the assistance of French 75s. As I go forth to randomly stuff chickens with wild rice, I wish to you witterers all the best for the new year. It can, they say, only get better.
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What a lovely video. Hope your dinner was good. It can only have been better than my NYE, which was spent doing bibliography. He owes me. I expect a pony, dammit.
Re: Cute!!!
Good grief, that really is wifely duty above and beyond the call of wossname. Bibliographies are a complete bugger, too. But you must be beyond glad to have the wretched thing out of both of your hair. Hooray!
Re: Cute!!!
I'm thinking of going into the thesis-editing and bibliography-writing business. Never has the world seen such an awesome example of bibliographitude as that which I have wrought. It is a thing of wonder and beauty. I had a spreadsheet. Things are always better with spreadsheets.
Thank you! and the same to you. World economics, as you say, notwithstanding. Not to mention the inexorable trend of world governments towards totalitarian surveillance, the looming global warming crisis, the religious right, the general inability of education to produce critical thought, the inability of Hollywood to produce a decent script, and all that bloody methane bubbling to the surface from under the melting polar ice caps. Honestly, "Happy New Year" is possible only if you keep it resolutely personal. Which I do. Happy new year.