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I died once from melting and it was no fun at all

If we needed any evidence at all that the Cosmic Wossnames are actually vaguely Cthulhoid entities prone to either nasty mockery or blind indifference, I could demonstrate it from my experience of January every year. Thusly:
  1. I'm running orientation and registration simultaneously while fighting off admissions and curriculum queries from new students, returning students, excluded students, late-applying students (hopeless this year, we're well over capacity), random students, plaintive students, and the parents, friends, well-wishers, dogs and aunts of all of the above. (Especially the aunts. Aunts of students are demonstrably even more crazy than the parents). I'm, in effect, doing three people's jobs.
  2. By inscrutable cosmic wossname, a whole bunch of dearly beloved friends have birthday in January, necessitating participation in shindigs and jamborees of all descriptions.
  3. January is the month chosen by my Cherished Institution to deploy their own Army of Deconstruction for wide-ranging building tasks. I can't leave my office window open for air at the moment because of the nice man with the jackhammer on the scaffolding just outside it. And,
  4. We have heatwaves. This week has been infernal, brain-melting, incandescent hell.
In addition to all of above, I arrived at work at 9am yesterday, worked like a frantic thing until 4, dashed off to have my hair cut, went home, worked like a frantic thing until 11pm, and then fell into bed. I don't think my state of health is actually up to this sort of thing, I'm more or less useless this morning.

Meep. However, the subject line is, as usual lately, from Goats. Read Goats. It prevents your ice-cream from melting. (It also drives you crazy when you read the entire archive and arrive at the end to discover that it stops, mid-plot, in 2010. However, I have forgiven it).
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infernal, brain-melting, incandescent hell
just about describes it! At least at number 5 we had one room with aircon. Also I have sinusitis headaches. Every day. Unless I take antihistamines, every day.

I am trying to make sure that the chickens do not get too hot; at least we situated the coop in the coolest part of the garden.

On that note, as my chickens lay enthusiastically I am considering an MMO-style barter system, as I would occasionally welcome any other surplus garden produce in exchange for some eggs.
Re: infernal, brain-melting, incandescent hell
Hah, welcome to chicken-ownerhood. You will find creative ways to use up eggs and will eventually tire of eating them. Fritata, meringues, custards, omelettes, boiled!

We eat a lot of poached eggs on toast for supper :P.

What you need to do is find someone with a cow so you can trade milk for eggs.

ps: Also yes to the sinusitis and antihistamines :(
Re: infernal, brain-melting, incandescent hell
I will never, ever get tired of egg & garlic fried rice, I promise :)
Re: infernal, brain-melting, incandescent hell
GFR, as it is affectionately known, is absolutely my favourite Thai thing that Stv makes, and he knows to up the quantities if he's cooking it for me because I will finish the bowl off with a spoon. If not, I get a doggy bag :>. The last time he made it was with duck egg, which was delectable. It is my Seekrit Sorrow that I can't ever replicate it properly at home.
Re: infernal, brain-melting, incandescent hell
Recipe (guidelines?), please? I've eaten kilos of fried rice, but have never made it.
fried rice
I just fling cooked rice, olive oil, chopped garlic and spices into a pan and add an egg or two and stir... I'd love a proper recipe, I believe green onions are called for.
Re: fried rice
I think you all need to ask stv to describe his process - as I said, I've never managed to replicate it at home. He crisp-fries the chopped garlic first, and then stirs more garlic and the rice together, then adds the eggs and stirs. The crispy garlic goes back in at the end. The secret, I believe, is to aim to warm the rice through rather than to actually cook it; if you leave it on the heat too long, it goes glodgy.
Funny, Y's niece J is coming to the UK for university this year, so Y is the crazy aunt doing the application process. I'm usually roped in for English proof-reading ...
I'm sure that she's much less crazy and difficult than the ones I have to deal with. They usually barge in with a sort of determinedly protective attitude to the niece/nephew who has been Wronged by my Cherished Institution, and much less actual knowledge of degree processes than the child's actual parents. It's a diabolical combination. I do not suspect Y of it, she sounds sweet. (Please let me meet her when I'm in the UK in August?)
I'm wondering if my sister would be an Awful Aunt in this sort of situation. Hard to tell. She does see herself as something of a Hero to Her Nieces, but then again she's a teacher with all the world-weariness which comes with that honourable profession. Hmm. Hopefully we'll never havfe to find out.
August tidings
Ooh, you're coming over to Yurp in August - good to know. It would be good to meet up when you're here.
Where will you be?

(not logged in - I'm supposed to be working. Dashing this off whilst trying to prepare a lecture at the same time as some builders take their heaviest power-tools for a test-drive about 10m from where I'm sitting.)
Ooh, you're coming over to Yurp in August - good to know. It would be good to meet up when you're here.
Where will you be?

(I'm supposed to be working. Instead I'm taking a break from preparing a 3-hour lecture-cum-seminar lecture whilst some builders take their heaviest power-tools for a test-drive, about 10m from where I'm sitting.)
We'd love to meet you, and you can meet V at the same time. She should be talking (more) at that stage ;)
I actually used to take great pleasure in telling parents that since their spawn was an adult I would prefer to deal with them directly. Who brings their Mom/Aunt to varsity?!
In my experiences (much more limited than extemp's) the student has little choice. Mom romps in unasked for, to student's immeasurable embarrassment.