South Park Self

Owls today aren't as sturdy as they used to be.

Tuesday wol occurs in handfuls! I can't even remember who linked this. Possibly first_fallen.

Other than that, I got nuttin'. Change of curriculum is over, and the corridor outside my office is littered with the bleeding, savaged corpses of students who didn't read the notices. I seem to be excessively grumpy. On the upside, chilli chocolate steak at Bombay Bicycle Club last night. Also, happy birthday the Jo!

Subject line, of course, is Goats. Goats: overclocking your lemons since 1997. Good grief. Who even remembers 1997?
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1997 is a bit vague in my consciousness. Apparently it was my second year of PhD reg (checked the student database) and I taught Victorian fantasy and produced tutorial outlines in WordPerfect (checked my 1997 teaching folder). Good grief. Who remembers WordPerfect? Counting on my fingers suggests I was living in Strubens Road, and possibly dating bumpy_cat. The Dragonfire history page says I was writing Cthulhu modules with him, which seems to back up this assumption, and thus supports the hypothesis that it was a Good Year. It was also the year in which we wrote Attack of the Vapours, which means, I think, it was the year I met Jo and Claire. So it was, in fact, reasonably vintage for me too.

My life history is weirdly distributed in virtual space. Welcome to the future.
It was early in SCA time too, the first local event was in 1996. Ah, those apple-cheeked years!